A Goat to Azazel – 2

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681) Why is Azazel sent by the hand of an appointed person who has a blemish? It is because the Sitra Achra is all blemished ones called “he-goats.” It is written about them, “And they shall no more sacrifice their sacrifices unto the he-goats.” It is also written about them, “They sacrificed unto demons, no-gods.” And in the goat to Azazel, SAM was separated from everything and carries all the transgressions in Israel on him, as it is written, “And the goat carried on him all their iniquities.” After Azazel took the iniquities, then “And … carried,” meaning that the Creator bears and forgives.

The Creator carries an iniquity. And about the goat to Azazel, it is written, “And the goat shall bear upon him all their iniquities.” What is the difference between “carries” and “carried”? “Carried” means he carried a burden; “carries” implies the departure of that burden, that he atones for the iniquities.

682) It is written, “And three tenths of semolina for the offering.” Three tenths are the first three degrees, KHB, each of which consists of ten, such as above, in ZA. Tenths means one of ten, since Malchut is one of ten of ZA, and each particular Sefira of hers is one of ten that correspond to her in ZA. This is why they are called “tenths.”

And one goat for a sin offering to atone for you. He is called sin offering because he is a sin offering and he is from the side of sin offering, meaning that there is a part in him to the Sitra Achra, hence he is from the side of the sin. But it is written about him, “For the Lord,” so how can it be that he is from the side of sin? Rather, he is sacrificed to the Lord, since it is written, “To atone.” That is, to break the face of the Sitra Achra, and all will be sacrificed for the Temple, except that one part is also given to SAM, and he eats it. This is why he does not grip to the rest of the offerings and eats only that offering without connecting to another offering to eat in it.

683) SAM enjoys the king’s meal, that part which he takes from the goat for the sin offering. For this reason, he is glad and parts from Israel, and does not slander them. Were there no diminution of the moon, MalchutSAM would not be given anything from the king’s meal. And what does he do at the diminution of the moon? Because he approaches and sucks from the place of deficiency in Malchut, taking the strength for his people from the left side of the moon, Malchut, and grows stronger in it, with the goat from which he is given a part, he parts from everything and enjoys it.

And because the Creator diminished the moon, saying to her, “Go and diminish yourself,” that goat is sacrificed so that SAM will part from her and will not approach the Temple, Malchut. This is why the Creator said, “Bring atonement upon Me, for I have diminished the moon.” That is, “Because of Me, who has diminished her, and because of My reason, that I diminished her, you must offer a he-goat so as to separate him from the place of Malchut’s diminution.”

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