And Korah Took

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1) “They are more desirable than gold, yes, than much fine gold, and sweeter than honey and the drippings of the honeycomb.” How sublime are the words of Torah, how precious they are. They are lovely above; they are lovely for all. It is so because they are the Holy Name, and anyone who exerts in Torah, exerts in the Holy Name and is delivered from any harm. He is delivered in this world and delivered in the next world. Anyone who engages in Torah grips to the tree of life. And because he is gripped to the tree of life, he is gripped to everything, as it is written, “She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her.”

2) Anyone who engages in Torah has freedom from everything, freedom from death. This is because freedom, Bina, is upon him and grips him. If Israel crowned themselves in the Torah, they would be saved from everything and they would not be in exile. It is written, “Harut [carved] on the tables”; do not pronounce it Harut, with a Kamatz [punctuation mark] under the Het, but rather Herut [freedom], with a Tzereh [punctuation mark] under the Het, since this freedom is found in the Torah. The Torah is the power of the right, as it is written, “At His right hand was a fiery law unto them,” and the left is included in the right. One who turns the right into left and the left into right, it is as though he destroys the world.

3) Aaron is right, Hesed. The Levites are left line, Gevura. Korah wished to substitute the right with the left. He wanted the priesthood, right, for the Levites, which are the left, and this is why he was punished. Moreover, there was slander in him, for he spoke about Moses and was punished with everything.

The left is always included in the right. This is the correction of the left. Korah wished to replace the correction above and below; he wished for the rule of the Levites, the left, so they would not be included in the priests, the right. This is why he was lost above and below.

4) Korah took a bad advice for himself. Anyone who chases what is not his, it escapes him. Moreover, he loses even what he has. Korah chased what was not his; he lost what was his and did not win the other one.

5) Korah went by way of dispute, which is removing and repelling above and below. And one who wishes to repel the correction of the world is lost from all the worlds. A dispute is removing and repelling of the peace. And one who disagrees with peace disagrees with His Holy Name, since His Holy Name is called Peace.

6) The world stands only on peace. When the Creator created the world, it could not exist until He came and established peace on them, the Sabbath, which is the peace of upper and lower. Then the world persisted. Hence, one who disagrees with peace will be lost from the world.

7) Zelophehad disagreed with the Sabbath; he was gathering woods. Woods are other trees, those of the seventy ministers. Those are secular matters, and there is no secular in the holy. It turns out that he disagreed with the peace of the world, the Sabbath, for he mingled secular with Sabbath.

8) “Those who love Your law have great peace.” The Torah [law] is peace, as it is written, “And all her ways are peace.” Korah came to blemish the peace above—the Torah, the middle line, which is called “Torah,” and makes peace between right and left—and below, of Moses. This is why he was punished by upper and lower, by fire and the mouth of the earth.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / KORAH – click)

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