The Elect Men of the Assembly

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9) “Elect” is written without a Yod [in Hebrew]. Malchut on earth is as the Malchut in the firmament. In other words, the Malchut below is like the Malchut above. All those high Sefirot that the Holy Name grips come from a place called “Holiness,” upper AVI, as it is written, “Holy convocations.” This is when there is an occasion in the world, on festivals and on appointed days. And as those high Sefirot are called “the Upper Temple,” to sanctify them, the bottom Holiness summons His armies to crown and elevate them—the three worlds BYA—which are her armies, which the Malchut crowns and elevates to Atzilut.

10) The Upper Holiness is upper AVI; the bottom Holiness is the wisdom of Solomon, Malchut, who also summoned all her armies to sanctify them with her sanctity. Those armies all stand ready to be crowned in the lower holiness while there is an appointed day in the world. As her armies stand above in Atzilut, summoned by Malchut, so the appointees of the people, the heads of Israel, follow her example below in this world. This is why they are called “The elect men of the assembly.” And because they are below, they are called, “Elect men of the assembly,” without a Yod. However, then they are in greater wholeness.

11) “Renowned men,” the men of Malchut, who is called “name,” and not men of HaVaYaHZA. This is why they are called “Renowned men,” since they came from the side of Gevura, from Malchut, which is called “lower Gevura.” This is said to give them high praise, but they took it for themselves, separating Malchut from ZA and clinging to the dispute with Moses, ZA.

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