And Pinhas Saw, and Took a Spear in His Hand

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460) Pinhas stood before the strong Din of Isaac and blocked the breach; he stopped the plague that came from the harsh Dinim of the left, which is called Isaac. This is why he completed the Yod to Pinhas, so as to be Isaac in Gematria (208). He stood before the breach, as it is written, “And Pinhas stood up and wrought judgment.” Pinhas is written with a Yod. He stood in the breach before Isaac’s Din, in order to protect Israel. This is why they are included in one another in the calculation, for Pinhas in Gematria is Isaac.

461) But the calculation, Hochma, depends only on her eyes, on the illumination of Hochma in Malchut, since eyes are Hochma, and Hochma is revealed only in Malchut and not in another Sefira. So why is the calculation here hanging above, in Isaac, in the left line of ZA? However, the calculation, Hochma, hangs in Isaac because Isaac is hanging and extends from a place called Eynaim [eyes], which extends to the Hochma in Malchut, where the judgments of the whole world are judged.

The root of all the Dinim in the world is in Hochma. Her eyes are Ayin [seventy] thrones of Din, which are the place of the Dinim in the world. They are called seventy Sanhedrin because the number seventy is because they extend from her eyes. Hence, all is one because Isaac and the Eynaim de Malchut go as one, since the Malchut is built from Isaac, and from him are her Eynaim, the left line, hence they two are one.

462) Pinhas is Isaac. Pinhas stood and sentenced the Din of Zimri and Cozbi. He clothed in the strong Gevura on the left, Isaac, and this is why he was rewarded with the right, with priesthood, Hesed. Here the left is included in the right.

It is written, “Pinhas, son of Elazar, son of Aaron the priest has turned away My wrath from the children of Israel.” “Has turned away My wrath” are three appointees in Hell, called “saboteur,” “anger,” and “wrath.” Pinhas saw that wrath spreading and being drawn from the side of Isaac. He clothed in the degree of Isaac, the root of wrath, then gripped that wrath as one who grips one’s friend and turns him back.

Wrath is Dinim de Dechura, the Dinim that extend from the left line, Isaac. Because Israel sinned in idol worship, extending the left from above downward, the wrath spread over them. At that time Pinhas clothed in the left, Isaac, the root of wrath, and therefore held her like a man holding his friend and pushing him back.

463) And then he wrought judgment and made a Din [judgment]. He made a judgment that anyone who has intercourse with an Aramaic woman will be hurt by jealous ones, and it is permitted to hurt Zimri. He also executed the Din, as it is written, “And he stabbed them both.” This is why it is written here, “has turned away My wrath,” as it is written, “He has drawn back His right.” This is why the Yod that is added here in Pinhas is the Yod in Isaac, implying Yesod. It is all above the children of Israel, since when he saw that wrath, he saw her coming down on the heads of Israel. Hence “He has turned away My wrath from the children of Israel.”

He did not remove My wrath, but rather “turned My wrath away.” He did not completely cancel the wrath, but rather removed it from the face and left it in the Achoraim, for she is the harsh Dinim that extend with the Hochma in order to expel the outer ones and the wicked who wish to extend from her from above downward.

He brings an evidence to that with the verse, “He has drawn back His right.” That is, He did not cancel the right, but drew it back. Likewise, “has turned away My wrath” that is here does not mean that he revoked the wrath, but rather turned it back. And there it is to expel the outer ones and the wicked. This is why it is written, “from the children of Israel,” since only from the children of Israel who are attached in the Panim, from them he removed the wrath, but not from the wicked who are attached in the Achoraim.

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