The Straps and the Knot of the Hand Tefillin

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456) Two straps come out on the right and on the left, two thighs from the Chazeh and below of the same AlephHetZA. These are the NH de ZA to which the true prophets cling. From above, on the head, two straps come out, two arms that surround the Rosh from the right and from the left, HG, and the DaletMalchut clings to them in HG, in the knot of the Tefillin of the Rosh. Afterward Malchut descends, and the straps, the thighs, spread downward.

Because she properly grips above, in the Dalet of the knot of the Tefillin, she goes down to NHY to grip to her armies, to bestow upon the dwellers of BYA. And when she grips to NHY, she clings to the end of the thighs, and the inscription of a Yod, the holy covenant, Yesod, is on her from above. At that time she unites in one unification with ZA.

Although in the first state, Malchut is blocked and frozen, and can illuminate only in the second state, the Kelim of the second state are fit to receive Hassadim and not Hochma. In order to be able to receive HochmaMalchut must first be awoken from the first state in order to receive from there Kelim for reception of Hochma. Afterward, to be able to receive the lights and bestow, she is lowered to the second state.

From above, over the head, two straps come out, HG of above Chazeh de ZA, and the DaletMalchut, grips them. This is an awakening of the first state of Malchut, whose level is equal to that of HGT de ZA, where HGT de ZA clothe the right line of Bina, and Malchut of the left line of Bina. At that time Malchut is called Dalet, from the words Dalah VeAnyah [poor and meager], since her lights are frozen and she cannot bestow upon BYA.

However, from that state, the complete Kelim are extended to her, which are fit to receive the Hochma. And in order to be able to bestow upon BYA properly, she must be extended to the second state, to diminish her to the Chazeh de ZA and below, so she is a bottom degree, below Yesod de ZA, and then she will be able to bestow.

Because she properly grips above, in the Dalet of the knot of Tefillin, she goes down to NHY. Once the unification above the Chazeh is done properly, in the Dalet of the knot of the Tefillin, to extend to her the complete KelimMalchut is extended below the Chazeh de ZA, to grip to her armies, so she can bestow upon the dwellers of BYA. It is so because in the first state she was blocked and could not bestow anything, and the second state is her main completeness.

When she grips to NHY, she grips to the end of the thighs, and the inscription of the Yod, the holy covenant, Yesod, is atop her from above. Once she has diminished herself to being a degree below NHY de ZA, the second state, she unites with ZA in one unification. But above, in the unification of the Dalet of the knot of Tefillin, implying the first state, ZA and Malchut were not in one unification, but in Achoraim to one another.

457) Yod is the covenant, Yesod, for anyone who keeps that covenant is saved above and below. Because Pinhas was jealous for this covenant, he was saved from the Din of above and from the Din of below. This is why that Yod was inscribed in him, in his name, for Pinhas is written with the letter Yod.

458) YodVavDalet must not be removed from the hand Tefillin, which is the knot of the hand Tefillin in the shape of a Yod, implying Yesod. This is to avoid separating YesodYod, from the hand TefillinMalchut. All the joy of Malchut is in this YodYesod.

Yod is in the male, not in the female. Yesod is called Tzadik [righteous]. Malchut is called Tzedek [justice/righteousness], without a Yod because the Yod is in the male and not in the female. For this reason, the Yod is adjacent to her in the hand Tefillin. One who removes the YodYesod, from Malchut, from the hand Tefillin, is far from the delights of the next world. He will not be rewarded with the abundance that comes from the Zivug of Yesod and Malchut, and which extends from the upper Eden, called “the next world.”

459) The male is Tzadik, the Nukva is Tzedek, without a YodIsh [man] is with a YodIsha [woman] is without a Yod [in Hebrew]. For this reason, her joy is to approach the Yod and be refined with her in a Zivug. One who removes that refinement is removed from Eden of above. This is why it is written, “For those who honor Me, I will honor.”

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