As a Bridegroom Coming Out of His Huppah [Wedding Canopy]

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1) Happy are Israel for the Creator desired them and gave them the true law, the tree of life, by which man inherits life in this world and life in the next world. Anyone who delves in the Torah and clings to it has life, and anyone who leaves the words of Torah and becomes separated from the Torah, it is as though he has parted with life because she is life and all her words are life. It is written about that, “For they are life,” and, “It shall be healing to your body.”

2) The tree of life, ZA, is gripped from above downwards. And the light of this sun, ZA, which shines for all, begins from the Rosh [head], HBD, and spreads directly through the Guf [body/trunk] of the tree, Tifferet. Two sides are gripped in it: one to the north and one to the south. One is right, Hesed, and one is left, Gevura. When the sun shines from the Guf of the tree, it empowers the right arm first, meaning Hesed, and shines forcefully. And from the left shines the force of the right, Gevura, and becomes included in his light.

3) He is “As a bridegroom coming out of his Huppah [wedding canopy].” His Huppah is the crown that his mother crowned him with on his wedding day, which are the Mochin HBD that he receives from his mother, Bina. “Coming out of his Huppah” is the Rosh of all the light, HBD. This is the beginning of everything, called “The end of the heaven,” Bina, from which ZA—called “heaven”—begins and emerges. And then he comes out as a real bridegroom, coming out to meet his bride, the beloved one of his soul, and spreads his arms—Hesed and Gevura—to receive her.

4) Similarly, “It is as a bridegroom coming out of his Huppah.” The sun, ZA, spreads to the west, Malchut. When the west approaches, the north side, Gevura, rises up against her first, approaches the west, and mates with her in her place. This is so because the beginning of Zivug ZA is in the left, Gevura, which is reconciliation and obtaining permission, as it is written, “Let his left hand be under my head,” and then the south side, which is right, Hesed, as it is written, “And his right hand embrace me.” Then, “He rejoices as a strong man to run his course,” to illuminate the moon from the middle line, Yesod.

“When you mount the candles” refers to the upper candles, the Sefirot of Malchut, all of which shine from the sun, ZA, together.

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