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BEHAALOTCHA (Când ridici lumânările)

  • As a Bridegroom Coming Out of His Huppah [Wedding Canopy] – (text) ENG
  • Happy Is the People that Knows the Joyful Shout (text) ENG
  • And the Ark Rested in the Seventh Month (text) ENG
  • When You Mount the Candles (text) ENG
  • Issachar and Zebulun (text) ENG
  • The Well, Which the Princes Dug (text) ENG
  • The Name AB Letters (text) ENG
  • The Name AB Names (text) ENG
  • The Inner Altar and the Menorah [The Seven-Candle Lamp at the Temple] (text) ENG
  • One Who Comes from the Side of Din Should Not Grow Hair (text) ENG
  • This Is What Applies to the Levites (text) ENG
  • Passover in Its Time and Second Passover (text) ENG
  • The Second Passover (text) ENG
  • Everything that Comes by Fire, You Shall Take through the Fire (text) ENG
  • And the Waters Were Made Sweet (text) ENG
  • The Raven and the Dove (text) ENG
  • On the Day that the Tabernacle Was Erected (text) ENG
  • The Banners (text) ENG
  • The Second Banner – 2 (text) ENG
  • The Third Banner (text) ENG
  • The Fourth Banner (text) ENG
  • The Letters of the Nun (text) ENG
  • Haman as the Seed of Gad (text) ENG
  • Please Kill Me At Once (text) ENG
  • God Has Not Empowered Him to Eat From Them (text) ENG
  • Gather unto Me Seventy Men (text) ENG
  • The Holy Name of Eleven Letters – (text) ENG

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