Before the Giving of the Torah, They Were Dependent on Luck

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64) Those who do not know that secret say, “Sons, life, and food, not on merit does the matter depend, but on luck the matter depends.” But we see that Abraham saw in his fortune that he is not destined to have a son, and the Creator brought him out, as it is written, “And He brought him out and said, ‘Look.’” He said to him, “Get out of your wisdom of the stars, of looking into stars and fortunes,” and He raised him above the stars.

65) Before the Torah was given to Israel, all the people of the world were dependent on luck, even sons, life, and nourishment. But once the Torah was given to Israel, they were taken out from the necessity of stars and fortunes.

We learned from Abraham because his sons were destined to receive the letter Hey from Abraham, which is the five books of Moses, Malchut, in whom it is written, “These are the generations of the heaven and the earth when they were created.” He said to Abraham, because of that Hey that was added to your name, the heaven is below you, as well as all the stars and fortunes illuminating in the Hey, for He raised him above them.

Moreover, it is written, “Now, here is seed for you, and you may sow,” in Hey. It is also written, “For through Isaac shall your descendants be named,” through the left line. MalchutHey, extends from it, hence the sowing is in her.

66) For this reason, anyone who engages in Torah, the necessity for idol-worship is removed from him if he is learning Torah in order to keep its Mitzvot. But if he does not intend to keep the Mitzvot, then he is as one who has not engaged in Torah, and the necessity of idol-worship is not removed from him.

It is even more so with the uneducated, who are compared to beasts. The text clarifies about them, “Cursed be he who sleeps with any beast.” From them the necessity to engage in idol-worship is certainly not cancelled.

67) It is written, “As for man, his days are as hay; as a bud of the field, so he buds.” And it is written about Adam, “I was a youth, now I am old,” and afterward it is written, “Will return to the days of his youth.” It is like a tree whose old branches were cut off from it, and they re-grew from its roots as before, since people die old, then return and reincarnate to this world as children. It is as we learn, that the Creator renews the work of creation each day and always, for a thousand die each day, and a thousand are renewed each day, reincarnating in the world.

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