The Moon Diminished Herself

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675) “One lamb” and “two one year old lambs without blemish” correspond to the first three Sefirot. Seven one year old lambs correspond to the seven bottom Sefirot. Seven lambs are seven days, seven Sefirot of the moon, Malchut. “One year old” means that they are the children of the moon, who is called “year” [Bnei means “sons of,” as well as denotes age]. She is one of those primordial years, the inclusive ten Sefirot, where Atik and AA are KeterAVI and YESHSUT are HBZA is Tifferet, who includes the six Sefirot HGT NHY, and the last one is Malchut. Thus, Malchut is one of the inclusive ten Sefirot, the primordial years.

It is written, “And on your new [written as “heads of”] moons.” Does the moon have several heads? There is no head to the moon but the sun, ZA, who is her head. However, there are two heads on each month, Jacob and Joseph, ZA and Yesod, which are renewed to illuminate to the moon, to Malchut. For this reason she must be renewed with offerings.

677) “Two young bulls.” They are the ones of which the moon said, “How can two kings use one crown?” They are ZA and Malchut with respect to the two great lights, after which she diminished herself under them, descending below Chazeh de ZA. And one ram is the ram of Isaac, Gevura. And where did Abraham go? Why is Abraham’s quality, Hesed, not mentioned here? It is because the name Esau awakened, the goat of the new month, in whom there is a part to the Sitra Achra, who is called Se’ir [“hairy,” as well as “he-goat”], such as “Esau was a hairy man.”

This is why Abraham, the light of Hesed, was removed, so as to not be seen in order to prevent the Sitra Achra from sucking from the light of Hesed. But Isaac, the left line, is there because his love was for him, like wine on its yeast, for Esau is the waste of the left line, and the light of the left is called “wine,” and the waste is yeast.

Jacob, ZA, the middle line, is there to break the face of Esau, since the middle line diminishes the GAR of the left, the face of Esau. Joseph—Yesod, an ox of ZA, extending from the left line of ZA, called “ox,”—is with Rachel, to bestow upon Malchut, who is Rachel.

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