By Lot

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515) David said about that tree, Malchut, in which all the hosts of BYA dwell, “You support my lot.” “My lot” is the one to which David, Malchut, clings. This is why the verse, “His inheritance shall be divided by lot, between the more and the fewer,” implies Malchut, called “mouth.” And also the verse, “By the mouth of the Lord,” as it is written, “And he died there, by the mouth of the Lord,” which is Malchut. For this reason, “lot” is written with a preceding “the,” to imply Malchut.

How fortunate are those who engage in Torah day and night, and know His ways. Each day they eat sublime food from the abundance of Hochma, as it is written, “Wisdom sustains its owner,” since the Torah of above, ZA, is nourished from that place, from Hochma, and it is written about them, “Behold, My servants will eat.”

516) It is written, “And there was a voice above the firmament.” That voice is ZA, who is gripped to the firmament, Yesod de ZA, and partakes with him. It is written, “He has made a memorial for His wonders,” the firmament, Yesod, called “male.” That firmament stands over the animals, of which it is written, “And there was a voice above the firmament which is over their heads.” This is the firmament that was created on the second day of the work of creation, to divide between water and water, between upper water and lower water.

The animals are in Beria; the firmament, Yesod de ZA—which concludes the Atzilut—is on the heads of the animals. The firmament separates Atzilut, upper water, from Beria, lower water. Malchut de Atzilut stands over the firmament, Yesod de ZA, as it is written, “And above the firmament that was over their heads was the likeness of a throne, as the appearance of a sapphire stone.” And ZA was sitting on the throne, as it is written, “And upon the likeness of the throne was a likeness as the appearance of a man upon it from above,” since HaVaYaHZA, filled with the letters Aleph, is Adam in Gematria (45).

517) There are seven firmaments up above, corresponding to HGT NHYM in Yesod. Curtain, [name of a firmament] which corresponds to the Malchut in it, serves nothing, since Malchut has nothing of her own except what ZA gives her. The poor grip to her, as it is written, “In my poverty I have prepared for the house of the Lord.”

Because David was gripped to Malchut, who is poor, he said, “In my poverty.” And that firmament, Curtain, Malchut, admits in the morning and elicits in the evening, for at night Malchut brings out her armies to the right and to the left, and governs those armies and regiments, for then is the reign of the Malchut. In the morning, she gathers all her armies and admits them into their hole, to their females, and they do not govern, for the morning includes everyone, as it is written, “To say Your mercy in the morning, and your faithfulness in the nights.”

Malchut is built from the left line of BinaHochma on the left. ZA is the right of BinaHassadim. For this reason, there are two governments, since when the left reigns without right, it is darkness, for the Hochma cannot illuminate without Hassadim. For this reason, at the time of the governance of Malchut, the governance of the left, it is darkness and it is called “night.” But then it is by the full force of her governance, as it is written, “She rises while it is still night,” and she governs her armies, the degrees that expand from the left.

Opposite that is the governance of the day, ZA, the governance of the light of Hassadim. However, ZA also consists of the illumination of Hochma in Malchut, as it is said, “In the morning she gathers all her armies,” for then the power of the governance of Malchut and her illumination of Hochma are annulled, hence she admits them into their holes and they do not govern. They return to the females because their illumination of Hochma has departed from them, since the morning includes everyone because the illumination of Hochma is included at that time in Yesod de ZA, called “morning,” but then there is no governance except for Hassadim.

518) There is a voice, ZA, on that firmament, and that firmament is nourished by it, since Yesod receives from ZA. When that voice awakens, all the armies do not journey, nor is there permission in them, except to stand in their place, as it is written, “And there was a voice above the firmament which is over their heads; when they stood, they let down their wings.” When the voice awakens over their heads, they stand in their place and the armies approach and await that Hesed that extends from the voice, ZA, toward that firmament, Yesod. Because of it, they are blessed, meaning receive from the firmament. Hence, ZA is above the firmament that is over their heads, and they cannot receive except from the firmament, Yesod.

519) “And above the firmament that was over their heads was the likeness of a throne, as the appearance of a sapphire stone.” The appearance of a sapphire stone is the stone of Israel, Malchut, as it is written, “And they rolled the stone from over the mouth of the well.” One stone descended from above, Malchut, when Israel wanted to inherit the earth, and a lot is written in it, as it is written, “By the lot.” The lot would say, “This part is for so and so, and this one is for so and so.

That stone descended under the throne of the king, Malchut, and she is the throne of ZA. It is written, “From there is the Shepherd, the Stone of Israel.” This is the stone of ZA, called Israel, and this is also why it is written, “By the lot,” Malchut, “his lot will be divided.”

521) It is written, “Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness, who seek the Lord.” These are the ones following and pursuing the faith, Malchut, who is called Tzedek [righteousness/justice]. They pursue righteousness, and they are the seekers of the Lord. If you want to know the faith, and cling to that righteousness, do not look at her in and of herself, without ZA, as do the rest of the people of the world, who cling to Malchut without ZA, left without right, thus causing death to themselves. Rather, it is written, “Look to the rock from which you were hewn and to the quarry from which you were dug,” to unite her with ZA and AVI.

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