Everything that Comes by Fire, You Shall Take through the Fire

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76) The fire of Gevura burns every impurity, menstruation, leprous, gonorrheal, and a woman in labor, for the soul is the Creator’s vessel, and the Creator is not present in it until it is hot-whitened by the fire of Gevura, as it is written, “Is not My word like as fire? says the Lord.” And if the evil inclination is iron, it explodes in this fire; and if it is a stone, it melts.

77) On the right, the place of the written Torah, called “water,” it is said, “she shall be cleansed from the fountain of her blood.” The leprous is cleansed in her, the impure, the dead, the gonorrheal, and one who is unclean with all kinds of vermin, as it is written, “And I will sprinkle clean water upon you, and you shall be clean.”

78) In the middle line, the Kli unites with her husband. The Kli is a woman, Malchut. After she is sanctified in the left line and purified in the waters of the Mikveh [ritual bath] on the right line, she unites in the middle line. And it is said about the Kelim [vessels] of Passover, Kelim that were used for cold are dipped in cold, and they are pure. These are the souls that come from the side of Rachamim, and they are merciful, graceful, and gracious, and do not need to be purified in warm water like the intermediate ones.

It is all the more so with the very hot, in which the complete wicked are purified, who heat themselves in the fire of the evil inclination. It is said about them, “Everything that comes by fire,” since they have much filth. But for complete righteous, in cold. It is said about them, “Anyone who sets a gap between the adhered,” who does not attach the letters of the prayer of Shema to one another, hell is chilled for him.

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