Friends Are Listening to Your Voice

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3) It is written, “You who dwells in the gardens, friends are listening to your voice; let me hear it.” This verse contains the meaning of the wisdom. “You who dwells in the gardens” is the Assembly of Israel, Malchut, who is exiled with Israel. She walks with them in their plight. “Friends are listening to your voice” are camps of high angels. They are all listening to your voice, to the sound of your praises in the exile.

“Let me hear it” is as it is written, “Let me see your looks; let me hear your voice.” Let me hear the sound of those friends who engage in Torah, for there is no greater praise before me as those who engage in Torah.

4) It seems as though when half the night is through, and when daylight rises, all those rewarded with engaging in the Torah come with the queen to greet the king. He grows stronger and settles in the Shechina. Moreover, a thread of Hesed [grace] is on him.

5) Anyone rewarded with growing stronger in the Shechina should keep himself from those things that grip opposite the Shechina, meaning from those who do not lie in the token of the holy covenant, to connect with the daughter of a foreign god. And anyone who seemingly keeps himself, the Assembly of Israel grips him and keeps him. She greets him, especially if he has been rewarded and has acquired the token of the holy covenant.

6) At that time, Israel deserved to be eradicated from the world, but Pinhas rushed to do that deed of killing Zimri and Cozbi, and the anger subsided. It is written, “Pinhas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, has turned away My wrath from the children of Israel.” The twofold “son of,” “son of,” came to complete the act.

7) When a man takes an incarnation of a soul, incarnating once again, but is not rewarded with being corrected in it, it is as though he is lying about the truthfulness of the king. The verse, “or has found what was lost and lied about it and sworn falsely,” is read about him. “And lied about it” means about the soul; he would be better off not being born because it would be better for him if he would not incarnate and come to the world.

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