A Complete Righteous and an Incomplete Righteous

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8) A complete righteous is not repelled by a wicked; he is permitted to provoke him. An incomplete righteous is repelled and must not provoke a wicked one. Who is a complete righteous and who is an incomplete righteous? Is one who is not complete in one’s actions called righteous, that you should say about him, “an incomplete righteous”? After all, one whose actions are less than they should be is wicked.

But a complete righteous, it is known that he did not take twisted incarnations, meaning he has not reincarnated. He builds buildings in his own lot, establishes walls, digs holes, and plants trees. That is, all the good deeds that he has done are in his own domain because he does not need to correct others.

9) An incomplete righteous means that he has built buildings in the domain of another. That is, his soul is incarnating once again because in the first time, he was wicked. It follows that all his good deeds are required in order to correct the soul from the first time it came to the world. Thus, his buildings are in the domain of another.

An incomplete righteous has built buildings in the domain of another, dug holes in it, hoed, established the foundations as before, and toiled in it. However, he does not know if it remains his, since for himself, according to his actions in this life, he is good and is considered righteous, but due to that inheritance, due to his actions from the first time he came to the world, it is not so. That is, he still did not correct the iniquities he had committed in the first time.

10) It is similar to a person building buildings that are nice to look at, but he looked in the foundation and saw it sinking, crooked on all sides. That building is not complete before he tears it down and fixes it as before, as it should be.

It follows that with regard to the building he has built, it is all well and good, but with respect to the foundation of the building, it is bad and crooked. And this is why the act is not regarded as a complete act, and it is not considered a complete building.

It is the same with that incarnated one. Although in his actions he is righteous, still, because he has not corrected the iniquities he had committed in the first time he came to the world. This is why he is regarded as an incomplete righteous, and he is repelled by the wicked. This is why it is written, “One who swallows, a wicked one is more righteous than he.”

11) One who is jealous about the holy name of the Creator, even when he does not need great purification and is not worthy of it, he gains it and takes it. Pinhas was not worthy of priesthood at that time. But because he was jealous for the name of his Master, he gained everything and rose to everything, and everything was corrected in him, and he was rewarded with high priesthood.

Since that time, Pinhas, son of Elazar, son of Aaron the priest, “son” is written twice because he completed two degrees—having corrected himself and corrected the souls of Nadav and Avihu, too, who incarnated in him, and who were the sons of Aaron. This is why it is written, “Son of Elazar, son of Aaron. It was because he was jealous for the name of his Master that what had been made crooked has been corrected, since he corrected himself, as well as the souls of Nadav and Avihu who were incarnated in him.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / PINCHAS – click)

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