In the Evening She Went in and In the Morning She Returned

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140) Certainly, there is no need to take a woman out to be elsewhere until her husband commands and permits her to go. This is why her husband is notified and appeased first, so he will command her and permit her to go to that place. Likewise, the Creator appeased Moses until he permitted Him and said to Him: “You say, ‘Behold, I give him My covenant of peace,’” to be inside Pinhas. But as long as he did not permit her to go there, she did not go.

141) How do we know it? From the righteous of the world, Yesod de ZA, who permitted Malchut to be in the righteous in this world, and she dwells with them as a bride in her adornments. And the righteous of the world sees and delights with it. But she lies between the arms of her husband, which are the right and left lines, HG de ZA, and returns from there to be with the righteous, and then returns to her husband, as it is written, “In the evening she went in and in the morning she returned.”

In the evening, she goes to her husband, at midnight, when she is in Zivug of the left. In the morning, when she is full of Hassadim from the Zivug of the right, she returns to the righteous of the world. It is all with permission from her husband, ZA.

142) “Behold, I am giving him My covenant,” Malchut. As the righteous above gives, I am giving a gift in order to return the gift. As the righteous above gives in order to return, which is “In the evening she went, and in the morning she returned,” so is Moses.

And thanks to that covenant, Pinhas gained the high priesthood, Hesed. Were Malchut not with him, Pinhas would not connect to the degree of high priesthood, since the covenant is regarded as Malchut when she is always adhered to the upper right, Hesed de ZA. That upper right is destined to build the Temple, which is the covenant, Malchut.

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