Your Eyes Are Pools in Heshbon

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139) It is written, “One to one to find the calculation.” The calculation from the Gematriot in the moon, Malchut, at which of her degrees is it? It is written, “Your eyes are pools in Heshbon by the gate of Bat-Rabbim.” These are the eyes of MalchutHochma, who is called Eynaim [eyes]. They are dessert, delights, to the upper Hochma extended from above, from Bina. And her eyes fill with the calculation, the periods, and the conceptions, becoming pools that extend from the right to all sides until they visit every calculation and conception of the moon from without, to the externality of Malchut, the stars, and the fortunes, to calculate. This is the gate of Bat-Rabbim, which is the moon, Malchut, from without.

Hochma [wisdom] is called “calculation” and Gematriot. At what degree of Malchut does the calculation appear? There are two states in Malchut:

  1. Receiving from the left of Bina without right. At that time she has Hochma without Hassadim, when her Hochma cannot illuminate at all because it is without Hassadim. For this reason, she returns to moving to Bina, to AVI.
  2. Then it is as it is written, “And the Lord God built the rib,” meaning that at that time she is built from the right, Hassadim. But then she is unfit once more to receive Hochma from the left. However, because there are the Kelim of the first state in her, her Kelim de Achoraim and externality, the Hochma appears in those Kelim de Achoraim and externality.

Thus, the Panim of Malchut, the structure of the second state that she received through Ibur, is a structure of Hassadim. However, since the first state could not exist before, due to lack of Hassadim, now, because Malchut received plentiful Hassadim in the second state, the Hochma that was in the Kelim of the first state awakens and dresses in those Hassadim and they illuminate in her.

The Eynaim [eyes] of MalchutHochma—which is called Eynaim—are dessert, delights for the upper Hochma because the Eynaim of the Nukva were established in the second state to be dainties for the upper Hochma.

Her eyes are filled with the calculation and the periods and the conceptions. The calculation and the periods are Hochma that extends to Malchut in the first state. The conceptions are the structure of Hassadim and Kelim de Panim that extend to her by the Ibur in AVI, as it is written, “And the Lord God built the rib.” The eyes were filled and became pools of lights of Hassadim that emerge from the right of Bina and from ZA.

From these Eynaim emerge the abundance to Hochma, as well as to Hassadim, until they visit every calculation and conception of the moon from outside, until the abundance appears in the Kelim of the outer Malchut, which are the Kelim of the first state. There the Hochma is received from the side of the calculation, and the Hassadim from the side of conceptions, since there is the place of disclosure of the eyes, Hochma.

The words, “Your eyes are pools in Heshbon [calculation],” mean that the abundance of the Eynaim of Malchut is filled with Hassadim, called “pools,” and with Hochma, called “calculation,” to illuminate them “by the gate of Bat-Rabbim,” in the externality of Malchut, in the Kelim of the first state. This is the place of disclosure of the Eynaim de Malchut, and not in the Eynaim themselves, where there are Kelim de Panim.

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