Israel Who Did Not Eat Carcasses and None Kosher, Why Are They Weak?

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154) The other question that the gentile asked, that Israel do not eat carcasses and none kosher, and filth and dirt of reptiles and insects as do the rest of the nations, and this is why they are weaker, so it is. It is so because the heart is soft and weak; it is the king, and it is the sustenance of the rest of the organs. It does not take from man’s eating for its nourishment, but rather the clearest and purest from all the blood, which is made out of the food. Its food is clean and clear, and it is the softest and weakest of all.

It leaves the rest of the waste from the blood to the rest of the organs, and all the other organs do not mind their food being clean, but take all the waste and the worst, and are as strong as they should be.

155) For this reason, in all the organs there are pocks, tumors, or parasites, and pocks of leprosy, but the heart has none of it. It is clean and clear, and completely flawless. Likewise, the Creator took Israel, who are clean, clear, and flawless for Himself. It is written about it, “You are all beautiful, my wife, and there is no blemish in you.”

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