Issachar and Zebulun

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25) It is written, “I have surely built You a house of habitation, a place for Your dwelling forever.” It is “A house of habitation” because when all the treasures of the King, ZA, are deposited in the hands of Malchut, and she controls them, she is called “A house of habitation.” And there is one firmament, called “habitation,” since it is destined to receive blessings and to put everything in order. And this Malchut, which governs everything, is called “A house of habitation,” too.

26) It is written, “And to Zebulun he said: Rejoice, Zebulun, in thy going out, and, Issachar, in thy tents.” This teaches that they were joined together. One went out and waged war, and the other sat and engaged in Torah. One gives to the other a share of his gain, and the other gives to the one, a share of his Torah.

Issachar is Tifferet, and Zebulun is Malchut. The sea is in the part of Zebulun, and the assembly of Israel, Malchut, is called “The Sea of Galilee [Hebrew: Kineret].” And so it should be called, since the azure comes out of there, and azure is Malchut, and Kineret is Malchut, for it is below as it is above. The Sea of Kineret above, Malchut, The Sea of Kineret below. Azure above, Malchut, azure below, and all is in one place, which is Malchut.

27) This is why Zebulun inherited going to war, since he is Malchut, as it is written, “They shall call peoples unto the mountain; there shall they offer sacrifices of righteousness,” of Malchut, called “righteousness.” “For they shall suck the abundance of the seas,” the abundance through wars. And the share of Issachar is the Torah, and he certainly gives to Zebulun his share of the Torah. This is why they were associated, so that Zebulun would be blessed through Issachar, for the blessing in the Torah is blessing for all.

28) The lot of the Torah is the sixth degree, Yesod, which gives the reward of the Torah and inherits to the assembly of Israel, inheriting white, which is Hesed, to azure, which is Din. Hence, when he distinguishes between azure and white, at the reading of Shema [a prayer], when the shades are distinguishable, then it will be called “morning, and the white will have come to the world, and the azure, which is Din, will have vanished. Hence, all of the king’s wars and all of the king’s arms were appointed by Malchut, which was then called “a house of habitation,” as well as “Zebulun.”

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