One Who Slights Breadcrumbs

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600) One who slights bread crumbs and throws them where he should not, and much less one who slights crumbs of the brain, which are drops of semen, and throws them on the ground, as it is written about them, “For all flesh had corrupted their way upon the earth,” or throws them in menstruation, in a daughter of a foreign god, in a maidservant or a harlot, and much less one who slights the breadcrumbs of the Torah, which are the secrets in the tips of the letters, and the crowns of the letters that we learn about, “all who uses Keter passes away.”

601) It is even more so with one who gives the secrets of the Torah, the secrets of the Kabbalah, and the secrets of the work of creation or the secrets of the letters of the explicit name to indecent people who are governed by the evil inclination, a harlot, of whom it is written, “For on account of a harlot a man is brought to a loaf of bread.” There is no bread but the twenty-two letters of the Torah, and there is no loaf but even one law.

602) The measure of the crumbs no smaller than an olive, and especially if they are as an egg, since the author of the Mishnah were meticulous in regard to them, “To the size of an olive and to the size of an egg,” to bless on them the blessing for the food.

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