Semolina for a Meal-Offering

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656) It is written, “Semolina for a meal-offering mixed with beaten oil.” “Semolina for a meal-offering means bringing the semolina, Malchut, before the upper king, for a meal-offering between two arms that will include two arms, HG, right and left.

657) Abraham and Isaac established the morning and afternoon prayers. It is written about them, “My hand, too, founded the earth.” This is Isaac, the left hand of ZA. “And my right nurtured the heaven” is Abraham, the right of ZA. Their degrees are Hesed and fear, of which it is written, “The Lord has sworn by His right and by the arm of His strength,” which are the two arms of the king, HaVaYaHZA, the middle pillar.

The semolina, the lower ShechinaMalchut, is the light of ZA. It is semolina cleaned from its side, when it is attached to the right and left in him without any flaw of darkness, and without any mixture of darkness at all. Indeed, so is the light with regard to darkness, as clean grain compared to chaff and straw. This is why Malchut is called semolina when she is clean of darkness.

658) For the iniquities of Israel, darkness mingles with lights. And as a person threshes grain and then sorts the wheat from the chaff and straw—as one who sorts out food from waste—so are Israel: when darkness mingles with them, they must make and correct their spirits. It is written about it, “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit,” for by that the darkness breaks, meaning the evil inclination, which covers the wind, as chaff covering wheat, and as a cloud covering the sun and not letting it shine.

659) When the darkness, the evil inclination, covers the good inclination, light, it is as one who is in the evil inclination’s prison. Likewise, when the good inclination is the captive of the evil inclination, the armies of the good inclination are captive under the authority of the evil inclination. And when a person breaks his spirit in all his organs before the Creator, it is written, “Saying to those who are bound, ‘Go forth,’ to those who are in darkness, ‘Show yourselves.’”

660) But the Shechina is clean semolina, in which darkness and benightedness cannot mingle. It is as a vineyard that does not take grafting with another kind, which is not its own. That semolina sits between the arms of the king, HG, mingled with beaten oil.

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