Mingled with Beaten Oil

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661) “Mixed with beaten oil,” oil extended from above, from Hochma of the right. “Beaten” implies mating in the Nukva, in Malchut, to extend to her beaten oil as she deserves, from upper Hochma, which is beaten in order to elicit oil from the olives, the organs of the body, the Sefirot de ZA, and to extend extension from upper Hochma in each organ.

662) A righteous, Yesod, is the one who beats beatings, and from all those upper organs, from the Sefirot de ZA, which are holy olives, he elicits the anointing oil with complete passion for the Nukva, the Malchut. If he does not beat, that oil does not come out. Rather, it comes out without the passion of the organs, and the female will not enjoy that extension. The oil, light of Hochma, is not as it should be until it is comprised of all the organs. This is why it is written, mixed with beaten oil in order to enjoy it and be nourished by it.

The oil, the light of upper Hochma on the right, is not as it should be until it is included with all three lines from Chazeh de ZA and above, and from the three lines from Chazeh de ZA and below. The unification of the lines occurs only through the Masach de Hirik in the middle line, which is beaten.

The judgments of the Masach de Hirik beat the left line until it connects with the right, and the three lines unite with one another. The primary carrier of the Masach de Hirik in the middle line is Yesod, which is its end.

The righteous, Yesod, is the one who beats beatings, evoking the Masach de Hirik to beat the left line with it. And from all those upper organs, Sefirot de ZA, which are holy olives, it elicits the anointing oil because by the beating of Yesod, all the organs above Chazeh de ZA unite, meaning the three lines HGT, and all the organs below Chazeh de ZA, meaning the three lines NHY. They all become one, and it extends from all of them together. At that time they extend to Malchut the anointing oil, the light of upper Hochma, with great passion.

If he does not beat, that oil does not come out, for if he did not awaken the Masach de Hirik to beat the left line with it, then the left would never unite with the right, and the oil, which is completed by three lines, would never come out to Malchut.

663) It is written, “Mixed with beaten oil.” Of course the Torah is not mixed with the Mishnah and with the Talmud, unless for one who suffers several sufferings for it. The Torah does not exist unless in one who puts himself to death over it. And when he wanders about from country to country to learn Torah, he will be rewarded with seeing the face of the Shechina.

664) “Mixed with beaten oil” is one who keeps, “Eat a piece of bread with salt, and a small cup of water.” “Mixed with beaten oil” is as it is written, “Wounded because of our transgressions, oppressed because of our iniquities.” “Mixed with beaten oil” is a righteous who lives forever, Yesod, who extends holy drops, crumbs such as olives from the upper brain, upper Hochma, which are a tenth opposite the Yod, and two tenths are YodYod. Three tenths for a bull are YodYodYod, and they are a tenth for a lamb, two tenths for a buck, and three tenths for a bull.

665) A drop does not come down from above if two drops do not come up opposite it from below, like this []. They symbolize three Mochin [light, but also mind]: the mind of the memory, the mind of the thought, and the mind of imagination. Imagination and memory rise from the heart. Thoughts come down on them to the heart, and the imagination and memory welcome them as a king. It is so because that man is a thought riding and governing the third animal, which descends on it to two animals who open their wings to welcome her, like a Holam on a Tzereh [two punctuation marks], becoming a Segolta [], and this is the upper Keter on HB.

666) A tenth and two tenths imply three animals of the high MerkavaHGT. Three tenths imply NHY, in which there are the second Merkava and the bottom one. The fourth of a hin, the holy Malchut, bottom Hey, is the fourth letter from there, HaVaYaH, in which there are four faces of a man: Hesed has four faces of a lion; Gevura has four faces of an ox; Tifferet has four faces of an eagle; and Malchut has four faces of a man.

667) The fourth of a hin is the fourth leg of the upper throne, Bina, which has four legs, HGT de ZA, and MalchutMalchut always ascends to him each day, rising up to the upper thought that has no end. Hence, a burnt offering comes for contemplation in the heart, for a thought.

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