Seven Firmaments

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443) “Our lips are with praise like the expanse of the firmament.” There are seven firmaments: Curtain, Firmament, Shehakim, Zvul, Abode, A Place, Aravot. It is called Shehakim [“sky,” but also “grinding”] because in them are mills that grind MAN for the righteous, for Yesod and MalchutTzadik and Tzedek, in the future, from the abundance of Bina, called “in the future.” They are called Shehakim after the verse, “You shall beat some of it very fine.” They are NH, about whom it is written, “Let the skies pour down Tzedek [righteousness],” which is the lower ShechinaMalchut, called Tzedek, to which the abundance pours from the skies.

444) The first firmament, the curtain, is Malchut. It is a curtain because it lets into it the abundance in the evening, and emits, bestows, at dawn, which is the time of bestowal.

The second firmament is called “firmament.” It is Yesod, in which the sun and moon illuminate, the middle pillar, Tifferet, as well as the lower ShechinaMalchut. That is, Yesod unites ZA and Malchut with each other, and both illuminate by it, as it is written, “And God placed them in the firmament of the heaven, to illuminate on the earth.” TzadikYesod, is called “token,” when he unites NH. It is called Edut [testimony], when he unites Tifferet and Malchut.

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