Netzah and Hod

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445) NH are two halves of one body, such as two twins. This is why they are called Shehakim [skies, grinding]. Both together are VavVav, from Veshet [gullet] from the left, and they are the two molars on the right.

The right and left contradict one another because the right line extends from the Holam, the ascent of Malchut to Bina, and the departure of the GAR. The left line extends from the point of Shuruk, when Malchut returned and descended from Bina, the GAR went out again, and the right line was cancelled as though it never existed, since Malchut has returned and descended from Bina.

However, from Chazeh de ZA and above, it sucks from its corresponding Behina [discernment] in Chazeh de AA and above, where AVI clothe. In them the Yod does not depart from the Avir, meaning that Malchut does not descend from Bina and they never receive the work of the left line.

For this reason, from Chazeh de ZA and above, although the left line came out, it did not cancel the right line because it nurses from upper AVI. But from Chazeh de ZA and below, where the two lines right and left are called NH, they nurse from their corresponding Behina, from Chazeh de AA and below, where YESHSUT is found, and in them the left line appears and the Yod comes out of the Avir. Hence, when the left line appears, Hod, the Netzah is promptly cancelled because once the Gadlut has returned, there is certainly no Katnut there anymore.

However, there are Panim and Achoraim [anterior and posterior] in YESHSUT, as well. The right line also governs in the Panim de YESHSUT, and the Yod does not come out from the Avir, as in AVI. For this reason, when NH de ZA receive from the Panim de YESHSUT, there is standing for the right line even after the elicitation of the left line, since the right line receives strength from the right line of the Panim de YESHSUT.

Hence, there are two Behinot in NH de ZA:

  1. If they are in Achoraim, receiving from the Achoraim de YESHSUTNetzah is cancelled by the elicitation of Hod, as the Gadlut that cancels the Katnut.
  2. If they receive from the Panim de YESHSUT, the right line remains in power even after the elicitation of the left line.

NH are two halves of the same body, since the right line is the elicitation of Katnut, and the left line is the elicitation of Gadlut of the same body, the same degree. Thus, the Gadlut should have cancelled the Katnut, yet both remain in power, as two twins. It is so only with respect to the Panim de NH, where the right line sucks its power from the Panim de YESHSUT.

This is why they are called Shehakim, as both control each to itself. They fight one anther and grind one another. Together, they are VavVav from Veshet [gullet], discerned as left, and with respect to the Achoraim de YESHSUT, the left side, they are regarded as one degree, since the left cancels the right. The Vav of Veshet implies them; it stretched and became Satan because it was without grinding.

They are two molars on the right, as with respect to the Panim de YESHSUT, the right side, there is power to the right side, too, Netzah, and then they are two separate degrees fighting one another, two molars grinding MAN for the righteous.

446) “And Moses took Joseph’s bones with him,” the bones of the righteous, the foundation [Yesod] of the world, the degree of the righteous Joseph. It is written about NH, “My bread which is presented unto Me for offerings made by fire, of a fragrance unto Me.” There is no bread but the Torah, NH, which are fighting one another, in grinding. It is written about them, “Go, eat [also “fight”] of my bread.”

NH are clusters of grapes imparted by the righteous, Yesod, a fruit bearing tree. It is written about it, “And they carried it on a pole between two.” With a pole and not with a board, since there was no righteous there, called “tree,” since Yesod, the middle line, did not unite the two clusters, NH to be included in one another. This is why they carried the pole in two, without inclusion in the righteous.

447) In order for NH not to part, it is written about the righteous, Yesod, “He will never let the righteous fall [“fall” also means “pole”]. That is, Yesod will not fall from uniting NH. The righteous is a tree. It is written about him, “Is there a tree in it or not?” Those who gave the earth a bad name have uprooted that tree, the righteous, Yesod, and caused, “And they carried it on a pole between two,” for NH to be VavVav, without unification of the Yesod. The righteous has fallen because they have given the earth a bad name.

448) It was said about NH in the sin of the tree of knowledge that Eve squeezed grapes and gave to him. NH are called “clusters of grapes.” Grapes are illumination of Hochma on the left, which is forbidden to draw from above downward. Drawing it from above downward is regarded as squeezing grapes, which is the sin of the tree of knowledge.

A righteous, Yesod, there is a Sod [secret] in him, since Yesod contains the letters of Sod, which is wine that is kept in its grapes from the six days of creation. Yesod keeps the grapes, illumination of Hochma from being squeezed, so they will not draw it from above downward, but only from below upward.

The six days of creation are six degrees HGT NHY of the letter VavTifferet, the middle line, from which Yesod receives the power of keeping. They are called “seraphim,” when they are VavVav, without unification, as it is written, “six wings, six wings to the one,” twice six. They are called “seraphim” because of the left in them, and they elicit water from the right in them. Also, they are thirsty due to the flame in them from the side of Gevura, from the left side, and they draw water from the side of Hesed.

449) It is written about NH, “He makes His angels into winds,” on the part of the middle pillar, ZA. These are the winds that extend from ZA into the lobes of the lung, which blow on the heart—the tenth degree in the holy spirit, Malchut, who is between NH.

YesodVav, is a letter in His army, which comprises six joints over the two thighs, NH, each of which with three joints, since he is the middle line. It is written about him, “His thighs are pillars of marble [spelt as “six”].” This is the righteous, the token of the covenant, which includes the six of NH. Here he interprets the name Tzevaot [hosts/armies], called Yesod, letters, a letter in His army because it contains six joints of NHHGT NHY.

450) The upper Vav in the two Vavs of VavVav in the filling is Tifferet, since he is the middle line between the six joints in the two arms. And because it is body and covenant, Tifferet and Yesod, they are called VavVav, two Vavs of VavVav in the filling. We regard them as one.

NH are as it is written, “Spreading wings upward,” opposite the upper Vav atop them, Tifferet. From this side, NH are called “prophets of truth,” since Tifferet is called “truth.” With their wings they cover the covenant, Yesod, the second Vav, a righteous, the foundation of the world. For this reason they grind MAN for the righteous on the part of the righteous, the foundation of the world, which is between them.

A righteous, Yesod, is the middle line between NH, and receives from them the MAN that they grind. This is why NH are called Tohanot [“molars,” in Hebrew: “grinding”].

451) From the side of the gullet, where there is prior grinding in the teeth, it is written “The people roamed and gathered.” This is the gathering of the verdicts in the Mishnah, the MAN that Israel raise through the engagement in Torah and Mishnah, and which rises to the upper gullet. Shatu [roamed] has the letters of Veshet [gullet], and they ground in the mills. Thus, one who utters words of Torah from his mouth should grind them in the teeth, thoroughly scrutinize them, and bring out complete words. And these words are called “whole.”

Other words are despised because they eat the words by stuffing, and they are not ground in their molars and teeth. That is, they do not thoroughly scrutinize the words of Torah that they utter from their mouths. It is written about them, “While the meat was still between their teeth, before it was chewed, the anger of the Lord was kindled against the people,” since they come from the same root that said, “Let me have a swallow, I pray you,” from wicked Esau.

NH are called “cherubim.” This is why the words, “Spreading wings upward,” relate to NH.

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