Shabbat Said, “And to Me You Have Given No Mate”

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452) There are eight SefirotHochmaBinaGedula [greatness], GevuraTifferetMalchutNetzahHodTzadik, which is Yesod, has a crown on his head because he has no mate. His Atara [Keter] is the upper Keter, and because of it there is neither eating nor drinking in the next world. Rather, righteous sit with their Atarot [pl. of Atara] on their heads. For this reason, Shabbat [Sabbath] said to the Creator, “You have given mates to all the days, and to me You have given no mate?”

There are two MalchutsMiftacha [key] and Man’ula [lock]. Miftacha is Malchut mitigated in BinaAteret Yesod, part of the upper nine and not of Malchut herself. Man’ula, the actual Malchut, was concealed in Rosh Atik. There is only an illumination of it in Atzilut, only in GAR of the Partzufim, from the Chazeh and above. From the Chazeh and below there is not a trace of her.

For this reason, it is considered that there is Malchut only from the Chazeh and above, which is the face of a man. But from the Chazeh and below, after the Yesod, there is only Miftacha there, Ateret YesodMalchut that is mitigated in Bina. With respect to the Man’ula, which is the real Malchut, there is nothing there.

It is also known that Malchut de Man’ula is not included in any Sefira because her place is under the Yesod, and not above it. But Malchut de Miftacha, the Malchut that rose to Bina, became Nukva in the left line in all the Sefirot, in Bina, in Gevura, and in Hod. Because Malchut rose to BinaBina became Nukva to Hochma, the Gevura became Nukva to Hesed, and Hod became Nukva to Netzah.

There are eight Sefirot, which are four couples. HB are one couple; Gedula and Gevura are another couple; TM are a third couple, Malchut above the Chazeh, in which there is illumination from Man’ula; and NH are the fourth couple. But TzadikYesod, has a crown on his head because he has no mate.

The mate of Yesod should be Malchut de Man’ula, whose place is the Sium of the nine Sefirot, but she has been concealed and is not there. Rather, Ateret Yesod serves in her stead. His Atara [Keter] is the upper KeterMiftacha, regarded as Bina, which is called “upper Keter.” She is not the mate of Yesod because only the Malchut de Man’ula is his mate.

And because of it, the next world, Bina, has neither eating nor drinking in it. Rather, the righteous sit with their crowns on their heads, since when ZA rises to Bina, the next world, Malchut de Miftacha becomes a crown on his head, as it is written, “A virtuous woman is her husband’s crown.” It follows that Malchut de Miftacha is not the mate of Yesod, but his upper Keter. This is why Shabbat, Yesod, said to the Creator, “You have given mates to all the days,” to all the Sefirot from Hochma to Hod, “and to me, Yesod, You have given no mate,” since her mate is the Malchut de Man’ula that has been concealed.

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