Solomon’s Bed Is between North and South

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53) “Then the tent of meeting shall set out with the camp of the Levites.” And after that, it is written, “On the west side shall be the banner of the camp of Ephraim by their armies.” Divinity is in the west. Ephraim, who traveled in the west, is Malchut. This is why he traveled after the banner of the camp of Reuben, who is in the south, Hesed. It is written, “And he blessed them that day, saying: ‘By you shall Israel bless’… And he set Ephraim.” “By you shall Israel bless” refers to Ysrael Saba.

54) “Shall Israel bless” is ZA, “By you shall bless” means by Ephraim, for you are in the west, Divinity. It is written, “I am God Almighty [in Hebrew: El Shadai]; be fruitful and multiply.” Thus, the blessing is in Divinity, called El Shadai. When he saw that Divinity was with him, he said, “By you shall Israel bless,” meaning by you, by Divinity, will bless the world.

55) And how did he see Divinity, when it is written, “Now the eyes of Israel were dim for age,” which implies to the spiritual eyes, as well? The right hand was stretched up opposite Ephraim, and Divinity leaned toward Ephraim. And Israel smelled the scent of Divinity on his head. Then he said, “By you shall Israel bless,” and saw that she was in the west. This means that he did not see with the eyes but with the smell, from below upwards.

56) Certainly, Divinity is in the west. We said that it is so in order for it to be between the north and the south and connect with the Guf [body], meaning ZAZAT, and be in one Zivug with it. And the north, the left line of ZA, receives her under her head. And the south, the right line of ZA, embraces her, as it is written, “Let his left hand be under my head,” meaning that the left, illumination of Hochma, receives GARRosh. “And his right hand embrace me” means from the right, Hassadim, receiving her illumination of ZAT, which are called Guf.

Of course Solomon’s bed, Malchut, is between the north and the south, Hesed and Gevura, so it would connect to the GufTifferet. And then they are one whole, so the world will be blessed. Anyone who says, “Glory for David” three times a day is guaranteed to be rewarded with the next world. It means that through the Zivug of this glory, which is Malchut, it will be with ZA everyday between the north and the south.

57) A man comes in the morning and assumes the burden of the kingdom of heaven with the praises that he says, “Glory for David” and all those praises of the Lord, which are the order of the ten praises of the ten Sefirot of the Holy Name, which is why there are ten times Hallelujah [praise the Lord]. Then he concludes with ten praises that are “Hallelujah, praise God in His sanctuary.” Where are the ten Hallelujah, they are only five, since only five psalms begin with Hallelujah? However, each praise begins with Hallelujah and ends with Hallelujah.

58) Afterwards he set up the praise, “Then Moses sang,” by which he assumes the holy burden of Malchut. Afterwards, he places it in Hesed, at the conclusion of the prayer, to be sanctified in it. This is so because the morning prayer corresponds to Abraham, Hesed, right line. Then, at midday prayer, there is Gevura and the Din is present, opposite Isaac, Gevura, left line.

Thus, each day the bed, Malchut, is placed between the north and south, between the morning prayer, south, and the midday prayer, north. This is so in order for her to unite in this Zivug in the GufZA, middle line. And one who establishes and connects Malchut in this manner everyday is certainly worthy of the next world. It is said about that, “Anyone who says ‘Glory for David’ everyday is guaranteed to be rewarded with the next world.”

59) This is why the banner of the camp of Ephraim is toward the sea, west, between north and south. South is Reuben, as it is written, “The banner of the camp of Reuben by their armies,” and Dan is on the north. Ephraim is in between, since Reuben, south, is in front of him, and Dan, north, is behind him. It turns out that the west, Ephraim, is between the north and south.

60) This secret is to our brothers, dwellers of the south. This is what our brothers sent us, who arrange the lights by the ties and unifications that you wish to unify in the order of the high connection. First, take upon yourselves the burden of the Holy Malchut everyday, and by that you will rise with her in the holy connection of the south, Hesed, and turn the four directions of the world, HG TM, until they tie in one connection. And set up the place in the south and dwell there, as the turn of the altar.

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