The Sign of Unification

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61) What is the sign for a Zivug and unification? The powerful sign is the turn of the altar, when he comes to the southeastern corner, northeastern, northwestern, and southwestern. But one cannot do a thing before he assumes the burden of the holy Malchut and takes this burden upon himself, so how can he come to the south, Hesed, first?

62) By that, I have told you everything. In the beginning, I said, “When he comes to a corner,” and the corner is Malchut, which is the burden of the holy Malchut. And then, southeastern, to connect the south, Hesed, with the east, Tifferet, middle line. This is so because the tree of life, Tifferet, is in the east, and it is to mate the south with the east, which is upper AbaHochma, called upper AVI. A son, Tifferet, comes from the side of Aba, where the root of Tifferet is in the hidden Daat of upper AVI. For this reason, he unified from the south to the east, since the strengthening of the south is in the east, in the hidden Daat of AVI, which is the beginning of the east. This is why the south and east must be tied together.

63) And the east connects to the north, to ImaBina, called YESHSUT, from which the north extends, meaning the left line. This is so because Bina complements and fills the streams and springs of the east, which is the revealed Daat and Tifferet. This is why there is a need to unite the eastern and northern, to connect the east with Bina. And those east and north, AVI, never separate because east is Daat of upper Aba, upper AVI.

And the Daat of upper Aba rises and clings to the Daat of upper Ima and to the left line, north, which appears in her. And it is said of upper Ima that she is to the north because she is the upper northern, and the left line, the north, comes out of her side. This is so because the north is hidden and concealed on the side of Aba, and the Dinim awaken from her side although she is Rachamim and joy. And when Ima comes out, the north comes out in her and the north appears from her because Aba is included and tied to the south, and the north is hidden in him.

64) And later he comes to the northwestern corner, since the son, Tifferet, east, emerges from the side of Aba. And from the side of Ima, north, emerges the daughter, Malchut, meaning west, hence northwestern—from the north, Ima, to the west, Malchut. This is the initial corner. Corner is Malchut, which must first assume everything. And now she is simply called “north,” Ima, and “left line.” Afterwards she will have to be tied to the south, Hesed, right line, where everything is connected. And the GufZA, is in it, since ZA extends from Aba, which is why he is included entirely in the south, like Aba, and the north disappears in it, hence southwestern.

65) This corner implies Malchut three times: one—that first one needs to take upon himself, and the corner for later is to tie the Malchut by two arms, south and north, right and left, connecting to the GufTifferet, the middle line, so everything is one. This is the order of the complete unification, and each side will unify in its proper connection and will not replace sides with a side that is unfitting for it, so it is not punished. One who makes that unification properly, happy is he in this world and in the next world, since he knows how to arrange the praise of his Master and the uniqueness of his Master. Moreover, the Creator is proud of him, as it is written about him, “And He said unto me: ‘You are My servant, Israel, in whom I will be glorified.’”

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