The Goat to Azazel, the Liver, and the Heart

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378) “And the goat shall carry on it all their iniquities.” When Satan wishes to slander Israel before the Creator, he carries all the sins he can carry until it becomes heavy, as it is written, “As a heavy burden they are too heavy for me,” meaning the iniquities he carries on his wings. He goes up to the high mountain as a donkey that wishes to climb a high mountain, and as a heavy burden, the iniquities are heavy for him.

When he is above and wishes to climb that little bit of road that remains, the load is too heavy for him. He falls, drops himself below, and by the weight of the burden that presses him his organs are made pieces until not one of them remains in tact. This is also what happened to SAM and to the serpent, who are the liver and the protrusion of the liver, the evil inclination and his mate, the harlot. From this we read that “Any daughter of a foreign god, a harlot.”

The root of all the Sitra Achra are SAM and the serpent, male and female. SAM extends from the Dinim de Dechura, where all the punishments that come for the sins that extend from the Dinim de Dechura were given to SAM. The serpent, his Nukva, extends from the Dinim de Nukva, and all the punishments that come for sins that extend from the Dinim de Nukva are given by her. Those two kinds of Dinim are the roots of all the kinds of sins in the world.

The Azazel above is the full amount of complaints that SAM and the serpent carry on them, to bring them to the Creator, so He will permit them to punish Israel, from both their kinds of Dinim. Azazel above is likened to a donkey carrying a load. Likewise, the goat to Azazel carries all the slandering of SAM and the serpent, whose root is two kinds of Dinim.

If these two kinds of Dinim connect, they can destroy the whole world. Their correction is through the middle line, by which the Dinim de Nukva cancel the Dinim de Dechura through his Masach de Hirik, which cancels the GAR of illumination of the left.

When Satan wishes to slander Israel before the Creator, when SAM and the serpent send the upper Azazel to slander Israel, and he carries all the sins he can carry until he becomes heavy, and both Dinim de Dechura and Dinim de Nukva are too heavy to carry, he goes up to the high mountain to evoke Dinim de Dechura. He ascends to the left line, called “high mountain,” since the three lines are called “mountains.”

When he is already in the left line, in VAK of the left, he wishes to climb that little bit of the road that remains, and rise to GAR of the left, where there is no unification of the right, and from which all the Dinim de Dechura are extended. At that time the burden is too heavy for him and he falls. The Dinim de Nukva in his burden are heavy on him in the place of GAR of the left, in order to cancel them through the middle line, which corrects it by sending Azazel to the desert, which Israel send below.

At that time he drops himself below the whole of the left line, not wanting to receive even the VAK of the left that the left line leaves, since the Sitra Achra runs from the middle line and its corrections. This is also what happened to SAM and to the serpent, Azazel’s emissaries—the evil inclination and his mate the harlot, since SAM is the evil inclination, and the serpent, his mate, is a harlot.

A male and female have to be a kind with its kind. And since SAM is from Dinim de Dechura, his mate should have been from those Dinim, as well. However, she is from the Dinim de Nukva. Where did she receive those Dinim? After all, her husband, SAM, is not the one who gave her? She fornicates with other upper forces and receives from them the Dinim de Nukva.

This is why SAM and his mate are called “the evil inclination and a harlot,” because from there we read, “Any daughter of a foreign god is a harlot.” Since the Nukva of SAM is the origin of all the harlots in the world, and a daughter of a foreign god receives from her, once she fornicates with other forces and receives from there Dinim de Nukva, she then overcomes her husband, SAM, since Dinim de Nukva are harsher than Dinim de Dechura.

379) Rabbi Pinhas said to Rabbi Shimon, “That road was established for me, to hear these words from Atik Yomin. How fortunate is the world that you are in it. Woe to the world that remains orphaned and does not know words of Torah properly.” Indeed, the liver, SAM, takes all the good and bad. And although he roams and gathers all of Israel’s iniquities, he thus collects their merits, to keep his slandering.

At first, the liar must speak the truth, so as to be trusted. He brings all the merits and faults to the heart, and the way of the heart is that it takes only the purest, clearest, and cleanest—the merits, as you said. The rest of the filth and dirt, which are the iniquities, it returns to the liver, and the liver is forced to take everything, as it is written, “And the goat shall carry on it all their iniquities.”

380) David, who was walking by the riverbank, said, “Lord, my heart is not proud, nor my eyes haughty. Lord of the world, has there been a person in the world who thanked and praised his Master like I do?”

A frog came across him and said to him, “David, do not be proud, for I have done more than you. I have given my body at the command of my Lord, as it is written, ‘The Nile will swarm with frogs.’ Moreover, I praise and sing night and day, incessantly.” At that time David said, “Lord, my heart is not proud, nor my eyes haughty.”

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