Spleen and Gall

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376) Sages explained about it, “The spleen laughs.” It is as is written, “The fool’s laughter.” For this reason, woe to one for whom there is luck [literal translation: “for whom the hour laughs”], for he receives his world in his life. Ecclesiastes says, “Anger is better than laughter.” The liver’s anger—gall, the strap of the Creator, a strap with which to beat the righteous in this world with bad ailments and afflictions—is better than the laughter that the spleen laughs at us, Lilit, with the dirt of this world, who are lucky with wealth.

It is so because those who receive the reward for the good deeds that they did in this world, it is to annihilate them from the next world. And the righteous receive punishment for their sins in this world so they may inherit the next world. The venom of the spleen crawls on the dust. It is stronger than the venom of the gall.

377) Because the mixed multitude are the leaven in the dough, for they are mingled in Israel like leaven in dough, and the nations of the world are similar to chaff, the mixed multitude detain Israel in exile more than the idol worshipping nations, as the sages said, “Who detains? The leaven in the dough detains.” This is so because the mixed multitude cling to Israel like leaven in dough, but the nations of the world are only as chaff, which the wind carries.

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