The Hey that Was Added in Joseph and the Yod in Pinhas

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16) It is written, “He placed a testimony in Jehoseph when he went forth against the land of Egypt; I heard a language that I did not know.” We learned that the angel taught him seventy languages, as Pharaoh knew. And in the holy tongue [language], he was greater than Pharaoh, as Pharaoh did not know the holy tongue, as it is written, “I heard a language that I did not know.” That is, He taught him languages that he had not heard before.

But according to that, what is a testimony? When Potiphar’s wife held him for that thing, Joseph pretended not to know her language. So it was each day until that last hour, as it is written, “And she caught him by his garment.” Until then he pretended not to know the language, but then she realized he did know the language, meaning he understood her intention. This is the meaning of “And she caught him,” meaning she caught his deceit. “By his garment” means treason and deceit [Beged (garment) and Begida (treason) come from the same root].

The holy spirit, Malchut, yelled to him, “To keep thee from the strange woman, from the foreign woman who makes her words smooth.” What is it telling us? It is telling us that anyone who keeps himself from it, as did Joseph, connects to the Shechina and grips that testimony, Malchut, who is the letter Hey that was added in it, as it is written, “He placed a testimony in Jehoseph.” Here, too, the letter Yod was added to Pinhas for being jealous regarding the deed of Zimri, and the Yod implies Malchut.

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