Keep My Soul for I Am Pious

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12) It is written, “Keep my soul for I am pious; O You my God, save Your servant who trusts to You.” We should look at the end of the verse, and then at the whole verse. At the end of the verse, it is written, “Who trusts to You.” It should have said, “Who trusts in You.” What is the meaning of “Who trusts to You”? It is as though David was promising that he would not go past midnight in his sleep, as it is written, “At midnight I will rise to give thanks to You.” It should have said, “I arose.” But it means, “I will rise and will connect with You forever.”

13) “Keep my soul.” It should have said “Keep” [without the added Hey in Hebrew]. But there is not a letter in the Torah without sublime and honorable meaning. It is written, “Keep” [with a Hey], which he says to the Creator. “Keep” means “Keep the Hey,” which is that part to which the Nefesh [soul] clings.

When the soul departs from this world, it comes to inherit the next world. If she is rewarded, several high hosts come out to greet her, keep her, and admit her to her section in her place. And that letter HeyMalchut, keeps her, to unite with her on beginnings of months and on Sabbaths.

14) If she is not rewarded, several harm-doing angels are poised against her, repelling her outside. Woe to that soul that incarnates in vain as a stone in a sling, as it is written, “And the souls of your enemies he will sling out, as from the hollow of a sling.” David asked his request from the Creator and said, “Keep my soul,” so she is not repelled outside. And when they come opposite her, the gates will open for her and You will accept her before You.

“For I am pious.” Was David considered pious? After all, he is a king, and his quality is Malchut [kingship]. He is called “pious,” as it is written, “The steadfast mercies of David.” [Hassadim (mercy) and Hassid (pious) have the same root in Hebrew]. Because he receives the steadfast mercies, he is considered pious. And this is why, “Keep my soul”; do not let her go outside.

15) Any person who has a portion in a righteous, who keeps his covenant, inherits this land, Malchut, as it is written, And You people are all righteous; they will forever inherit the land.” And that righteous, Yesod, is called Hassid [pious] because he imparts Hassadim. This is why David said, since I am gripped in that place, in the righteous, therefore I am pious. And for this reason, “Keep my soul,” to connect with You.

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