The Intimations of Elazar, Yosi, Yehuda, Yudai, Aba, and Rabbi Shimon and His Friends

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186) Moses said, “Rabbi Elazar, rise up to innovate words before the Shechina, so she will be of assistance to your father. Your name causes it,” since Elazar has the letters of El Azar [God helped], El from the right, Hesed, and Azar from the left, Gevura, as it is written, “I will make him a help made against him.” It is written about Malchut that is built from the left, “a help made against him.” She becomes help with a good seed, where Zera [seed] has the letters of Azar [helped] in reverse order.

Azar is the left line. As long as it is not united with the right, it has neither seed nor any expansion. When it unites with the right it is to the contrary, from him come all the seeds. In the name Elazar there are united right and left, since El is the right line, and Azar is the left. Hence, Azar turns to Zera [seed], for there is no seed but from him.

187) Rabbi Yosi will rise with you, for he is a complete throne to his master, since Yosi is the same number as the throne, eighty-six [in Gematria], and the number of ElokimMalchut.

And Rabbi Yehuda will rise with him, for in him are the letters Hod [majesty] and the letters YodHey, indicating the first state of Malchut, when she is GAR. In him are also the letters HaVaYaH Dalet, indicating ZAHaVaYaH, and Malchut, who is called Dalet before she is connected in a Zivug with HaVaYaH.

Dalet is four animals, of which it is written, “And their faces and wings were parted,” all of them, for there was still no unification of the right and left in them, and they are ready to receive the middle line so it unites them. For this reason, they are four animals, since after the unification of right and left, they are regarded as three animals, three lines, in each of which are three faces.

Also, out of Yehuda comes David, who thanked the Creator in the degree of thanks, from the side of Hod.

And Rabbi Elai rose with him. He is YodBetKof in Gematria (112), the letters of Baki [proficient], for he is proficient in the laws.

188) Rabbi Yudai arose with him, whose number is El (31) [in Gematria], like Angel Michael and others who are written with the name El, as it is written, Yesh LeEl Yadi [I am capable of], which indicates strength. El is because Aleph is the image of man, the form of a body and two arms. Lamed is three animals, in each of which are four faces.

Three animals are implied in three letters Yod, which amount to thirty. They are at the beginning of three HaVaYot [pl. of HaVaYaH]: “The Lord [HaVaYaH] was king, the Lord is king, the Lord will be king forever and ever.” The three letters Yod at the beginning of each HaVaYaH imply three animals, in each of which are four faces, for in each name there are four letters HaVaYaH, and this is the letter Lamed of El.

And Rabbi Aba arose with them, whose number is Dalet [four], four animals. Rabbi Yudai, who is El in Gematria, is Hesed. He is three animals, and in each animal there are four faces, united in the middle line. And Rabbi Aba is Gevura and left line. For this reason he is implied in the number four, four animals, indicating that the middle line still did not unite them.

189) Rabbi Shimon is as a tree, and Rabbi Elazar, his son, and his friends—the five that we mentioned—are as big branches emerging from the tree. They are as arms and legs. The arms are HG, and the legs are NH. Rabbi Shimon and Rabbi Elazar are the middle line, DaatTifferetYesod, the trunk of the tree. Rabbi Yudai is Hesed, Rabbi Aba is Gevura, Rabbi Elai is Netzah, and Rabbi Yehuda is Hod. Rabbi Isaac and Rabbi Hiya are missing.

It seems that this was prior to the Idra, and afterward the orders changed and there were ten disciples in the Idra Rabah, as their names were mentioned there. Afterward there remained seven, as was said at the end of the Idra.

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