David Became Poor, a Hassid, and a Servant

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182) And David became poor, a Hassid, and a servant, as it is written, “A prayer of David, “Lord [ADNI], lend Your ear, answer me, for I am poor and wretched. Preserve my soul for I am a Hassid; You, my God, deliver Your servant who trusts to You.” He became poor by the king’s gate, Malchut, as it is written about her, “My Lord [ADNI] open my lips.”

ADNI is a palace, and he became poor at the gate of the king’s palace, who is ADNIMalchut. And the reason why it is written, “Lord [ADNI], lend Your ear, answer me,” is that this is the lower ShechinaMalchut, who is an ear to receive prayers and hear them, it is as it is written, “For He has not despised nor abhorred the lowliness of the poor; neither has He hidden His face from him; but when he cried unto Him, He heard.”

183) He became poor and wretched on the part of the letter Dalet in EhaD [one], which is Malchut in the first state, when she receives from the left line, at which time she is poor. Dalet indicates Dalah [poor], asking for salvation from the AlephHet in the Ehad, which is ZA in a state of a brother, and Malchut as a sister, as then they are one degree, which hangs down from Bina like brother and sister. He is the middle pillar, ZA, by which to keep the verse, “I was brought low, and He saved me,” so the Messiah, son of Ephraim will not die, for the Messiah, son of Ephraim, extends from Malchut when she sucks from the left, when she is full of Dinim.

And David also asked of Him by that gate, for Israel who are poor, to keep in them, “And You save an afflicted people.” This is why he pretended to be poor, left line.

184) Subsequently, he asked for the priests, right line, Hesed, for the work to be restored. He pretended to be a servant. Afterward, He gave them the Torah on the part of Hesed, to make reward with DaletLamedTav from the Torah, where the Torah, ZA, middle line, unites the Hesed in the right line with the Gevura in the left line, then makes a reward with the DaletMalchut, who receives the Hassadim and becomes rich. This is the two letters, Gimel Dalet, written consecutively, and this is why he became a Hassid.

It follows that by that he corrected three lines. He pretended to be poor to correct the left line; He pretended to be a servant to correct the work of the priests, right line. He pretended to be a Hassid to correct the middle line, so it imparts Hesed to Malchut. And once he corrected the three lines, HGT, when he reached the three upper SefirotHBD, he started and said, “Lord, my heart is not high, nor have my eyes become lofty, and nor do I involve myself in things too great or too wonderful for me.” He did not touch them.

185) Solomon said, “But Bina is Moses, I will ask for high wisdom, which is above the degree of Moses.” It is written, “I said, ‘I will get wisdom,’ but it was far from me.” Was he not given high wisdom? But it is written, “And the Lord gave Solomon wisdom.” However, it is lower wisdom, Malchut, and he wanted to ascend from below upward, from the lower wisdom he wanted to attain high wisdom. However, she moved away from him because there is not a person in the world who can ascend even to Bina, except for Moses, much less above Bina, which is the high Hochma [wisdom], on whose part a sage is better than a prophet.

And although they explained the verse, “I said, ‘I will get wisdom,’ but it was far from me,” as an interpretation about a red cow that he could not understand her flavor. Indeed, there are seventy faces to the Torah, and that, too, is in the meaning of the verse.

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