The Third Banner

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118) The third banner is the camp of Dan, the face of an ox, left, Gabriel, left line, which travels on the north side of the tabernacle, which is left. There are two appointees with Gabriel, Kaphtziel and Hazkiel. Gabriel corresponds to Dan and the two appointees correspond to Asher and Naphtali, who are connected to the banner of the camp of Dan. This ox is from the left side and his horns rise from between his two eyes. His gaze is angry and his eyes are as scorching as the blaze of burning fire. He gores and he tramples with his feet and he takes no pity.

After he explained the first two banners, which are the middle line and the right line, he now explains the third banner, which is the left line, called “the face of an ox” in the animals, and “Gabriel” in the four angels. It is known that after the middle line decided and united the right line and the left line with each other, only the light of Malchut remained in the left line, which is the illumination of Hochma from below upwards, meaning VAK, while the GAR disappeared.

“His horns rise from between his two eyes,” since the Malchut is called “horn” and Hochma is called “eyes.” From his two eyes, which is Hochma, did not rise more than the horns, which is the light of Malchut from below upwards, and the GAR, in whose light of Eynaim [eyes] they departed. You should also know that the illumination of Hochma in the left shines only with harsh Dinim on the head of the wicked. When he is angry in his gaze, the eyes are scorching like fire, meaning the harsh Dinim that appear with his gaze—the illumination of Hochma in the left.

119) When this ox lows, several regiments of saboteurs come out of the hole of the great abyss, and all low and roam before him. Then fury and the bag with all the iniquities hang before him, for all the iniquities of the world come and are written in the book.

As with the lion’s roar due to the force of the Masach de Hirik, which comes to him and diminishes him from GAR, the low of the ox is the left line, too. And he lows when the diminishing force from the Masach de Hirik in the middle line comes to him.

It is also known that the abyss is the ascent of Malchut and its inclusion in Bina, which diminishes it from GAR. This is similar to the force of the Masach de Hirik. When this ox lows, meaning when the diminishing force in the Masach de Hirik reaches him, out come the brigades of Klipot and saboteurs that grip to the place where this diminution is deficient, which is called “the hole of the great abyss,” which conjoin with the lowing of the ox and roam before him.

At that time, two kinds of Dinim open in the ox, Dinim of the left and Dinim of the Masach de Hirik that clung to him. These two Dinim comprise all the types of iniquities and corruptions in the world, and then they are judged for all the iniquities in the world, which caused the emergence of these two Dinim in the left line. And the flaws and the corruptions that were made in the illumination of the left line are the writing of the iniquities in the book, for they wait for the answer of the lower ones, since through their repentance, these Dinim will be corrected.

120) Seven rivers of fire stretch before him. When he is thirsty, he goes to the river Dinur and swallows it with a single gulp, and the river is refilled as in the beginning and never runs dry, meaning it is not a false river, whose waters stop. All those armies of this ox, who is Gabriel, pump fire and eat fire. And if from the side of the lion, one river of water, light of Hassadim that put out their flame, had not come out, the world would not have been able to tolerate their Dinim.

The GAR of the left line were diminished by the force of the Masach de Hirik, leaving in it ZAT HGT NHYM without GAR. And seven rivers of fire stretch before him, meaning ZAT. They are called “rivers of fire” after the Dinim in them. And when the lines travel, the illumination of Hochma comes out in the left line and then diminishes. When he becomes thirsty, when the Dinim burn in him, the traveling of the lines is to the river Dinur, which is all fire and Dinim. And through the appearance of the illumination of Hochma in him, he immediately cancels all the Dinim in the river Dinur.

However, immediately after the traveling of the lines, the Hochma disappears again, and the river is refilled as before, since after the traveling of the lines, the Dinim renew in it as in the beginning. It is known that the whole correction of the left line is to unite with the right line of Hassadim. All his armies pump fire and eat fire, since all his armies are filled with harsh Dinim. And had one river of water that quenches their flame not come out from the side of the lion, meaning had it not connected with the right, Hassadim, the world would not have been able to tolerate the Dinim and would have been ruined.

121) The darkness of the sun, the shadow, is there on the left line. The light is present and absent, and several litigants walk and wander in the dark. And that river that burns on the left side is black fire, darkness. And should you say that there are no white fire, black fire, red fire (consists of two colors), and green here, do not say so because it is certainly so, meaning that that black river burns. But still, up high in Bina, the fire consists of four persons, and from there extends to those lower ones, before the ox in ZA and the angel Gabriel in Malchut, in whom the fire of Gevura consists of four persons, too.

The darkness of the sun on the left, when the left line unites with the right, contains light of Hochma. And when it does not unite with the right, there is no light in it but only darkness. And the measure of the light that shines on the left line is as the measure of the Malchut whose horns rise between his two eyes. And that river which burns on the left side is black fire, darkness, as the measure of Malchut, who is black fire and darkness.

However, the left line certainly consists of all three lines and the Malchut that receives them. This is why there are four persons in it, whereas the left line in Bina consists of all four sides, the left line in the animals and in the four angels consists of all four sides, which are white, black, red, and green.

122) Where is the upper Torah? It is white fire. And it is written with black fire over white fire. The Torah is found in two persons. It is one fire, left line, called “fire,” and it is divided into four persons, since it consists of four sides. And it is also one water, right line, called “water,” and it divides into four because it consists of four sides. And it is also one Ruach, middle line, divided into four because it consists of all four sides, which are the three lines and the Malchut that receives them.

123) There are three heads in these camps, corresponding to the three tribes in the camp of Dan. These are their numbers:

  • The first head is 62,700. This is the number of the tribe of Dan
  • The second head is 41,500. This is the number of the tribe of Asher.
  • The third head is 53,400. This is the number of the tribe of Naphtali.

This is besides these other degrees that spread to their side, which are not counted, referring to the women and children of these three tribes, which are not counted. They are all degrees over degrees, except for a few litigants, which extend from the left line, which are below in the Klipot. Those are as insolent as dogs and bite like asses, for they are not included in those camps of the left side. Woe unto one who is with them. Their judgment is on the fourth side, which is Malchut, meaning they receive their sustenance from the Malchut.

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