This Is What Applies to the Levites

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54) “This is what applies to the Levites.” At the age of twenty-five, the Levite rises to his place and is crowned. And he must work for twenty-five years until he rises to the fiftieth degree. And when he rises to the fiftieth degree and onwards, he diminishes the fierceness of the fire within him. And since the fire and heat cool, he blemishes the source to which he is connected, which is the left.

This is so because illumination of Hochma on the left shines only by the force of the Din, which terrifies the wicked. And since the fierceness of his fire—Dinim—has ceased, he is unfit for work and he blemishes the left. This is why he is unfit for extension of Hochma.

55) Also, after fifty years the voice of the singing is not so connected to him and weakens. But the voice must not be flawed, but rather strengthened, since a strong one stands in a place of Din, not a weak one. For this reason, the left that connected to him, which is a forceful Din and not a weak one, must not be blemished. Also, for this reason, no weakness should be displayed on any side. Indeed, happy is the man who engages in the Torah and knows the ways of the Creator, and does not move to the right or to the left, as it is written, “For the ways of the Lord are right,” meaning that he always walks in the middle line.

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