Wisdom with an Inheritance Is Good

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49) “Wisdom with an inheritance is good, and an advantage to those who see the sun.” If this matter were not revealed to me, I would not know what to say. “Wisdom … is good,” meaning the Hochma that is under the sun, establishing a chair for the sun, ZA. It is the Hochma in Malchut, lower Hochma, who is called “under the sun,” and which is called “a chair.” “Wisdom with an inheritance is good,” for HochmaMalchut, is handsome and comely, being with Israel to bond with her, and they are Malchut’s inheritance and lot.

50) However, it is a greater profit to those who see the sun, since they were rewarded with bonding with the sun, ZA, and connecting in it. This is because it clings to the tree of life, and one who clings to the tree of life clings to everything—to the life of this world, Malchut, and to the life of the next world, Bina, since ZA is clung to Malchut and Bina. It is written, “And the advantage of knowledge of that wisdom preserves its possessors.” “The advantage of knowledge” is the tree of life, Daat de ZA. His advantage is the wisdom, since the Torah, ZA, went out from the upper HochmaAVI.

51) “Wisdom with an inheritance is good.” “Wisdom … is good” is the lower Hochma. “With an inheritance” is the righteous of the world, Yesod de ZA, the light of the sun, for Yesod de ZA is the light of ZA, who is called “sun,” since the two degrees—Yesod and Malchut—dwell together, and this is their beauty. However, “An advantage to those who see the sun,” those who unite with the sun itself, ZA, who is everyone’s power and everyone’s profit.

52) It is written about the sun, Daat de ZA, who is the tree of life, “Also it is not good for a soul to be without knowledge.” The soul is the good soul of King David, Malchut. This is the Hochma of which we said that when the Nefesh [soul], Malchut, is connected with Daat de ZA, it is called “lower Hochma.” This is why it is written, “And the advantage of knowledge of that wisdom,” since from there, from Daat, the tree—Malchut—strikes root and is planted to all sides—to the right and to the left, as well as to all who grip to that tree.

This is why King Solomon is only in his degree, Malchut, and from there he knew everything. He would say, “Furthermore, I have seen under the sun,” which is Malchut, who is called “under the sun.” And also, “I returned and saw.” Happy are the righteous who engage in Torah and know the ways of the holy King, and upper hidden secrets concealed in the Torah, as it is written, “For the ways of the Lord are upright.”

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