Zarka, Makaf, Shofar, Going to Segolta

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668) Atara, which is called Zarka, is Yod, the fourth Sefira of HGTMalchut. She is called Zarka because she is Nizreket [thrown] by the upper, endless thought. It is the same with the animal named “man,” Malchut, her four faces, the four letters HaVaYaH: they are MakafShofar, going to Segolta, which are three animals, twelve tribes.

In and of herself, Malchut is unfit to receive the upper light until she rises and mingles with Bina, and becomes fit to receive the upper Mochin. Likewise, the animal named “man,” Malchut, her four faces are MakafShofar, going to Segolta, for once Malchut surrounds the Bina, who is called Shofar [ram’s horn], Malchut goes to receive a Segolta, three animals, twelve tribes, since three animals are three lines, each with HG TM, which are twelve.

Were it not for the Makaf Shofar, if she did not equalize with BinaShofar, she would not be going to Segolta because she would not be able to receive those Mochin, called SegoltaMakaf, meaning support and equalization.

669) The perpetual offering is the fourth leg of the upper throne, Malchut. It is a perpetual offering during each of the six days of creation, HGT NHY de ZA. On Sabbath, she rises doubly, to have additional light and wholeness.

On weekdays Malchut rises with ZA through YESHSUT, one degree. Hence, on weekdays there is the perpetual offering. On Sabbath Malchut ascends with ZA up to upper AVI, two degrees, twice as high as on weekdays, hence the additional offering is added to the perpetual offering.

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