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3.01 Baal HaSulam,

“The Freedom”

While most of humanity is undeveloped, and the developed ones are always a small minority, if you always determine according to the will of the majority, which are the undeveloped and the reckless, the views and desires of the wise and developed in society, which are always the minority, will never be heard and be taken into consideration. Thus, you seal off humanity’s fate to regression, for it will not be able to make even a single step forward.

3.02 Baal HaSulam,

“The Shofar of the Messiah”

There is a precondition for redemption—for all the nations of the world to acknowledge Israel’s law, as it is written, “And the land will be full of knowledge,” as in the example of the exodus from Egypt, where there was a precondition that Pharaoh, too, would acknowledge the true God and His laws, and would allow them to leave.

This is why it is written that each one from the nations will hold a Jewish man and lead him to the holy Land. It was not enough that they could leave by themselves. You must understand from where the nations of the world came by such a will and idea. Know that this is through the dissemination of the true wisdom, so they will evidently see the true God and the true law.

The dissemination of the wisdom in the masses is called a “Shofar.” Like the Shofar, whose voice travels a great distance, the echo of the wisdom will spread the world over, so even the nations will hear and acknowledge that there is Godly wisdom in Israel.

3.03 Baal HaSulam,

“Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Item 67

When a person from Israel enhances and dignifies his internality, which is the Israel in him, over the externality, which are the nations of the world in him, that is, he dedicates the majority of his efforts to enhance and exalt his internality, to benefit his soul, and gives little efforts, the mere necessity, to sustain the nations of the world in him, meaning the bodily needs, as it is written (Avot 1), “Make your Torah permanent and your work temporary,” by so doing, he makes the children of Israel soar upward in the internality and externality of the world, as well, and the nations of the world, which are the externality, to recognize and acknowledge the value of the children of Israel.

And if, God forbid, it is to the contrary, and an individual from Israel enhances and appreciates his externality, which is the nations of the world in him, more than the quality of Israel in him, as it is written (Deuteronomy 28), “The stranger that is in the midst of you,” meaning the externality in him rises and soars, and you yourself, the internality, the Israel in you, plunges down. With these actions, he causes the externality of the world in general—the nations of the world—to soar ever higher, overcome Israel, degrade them to the ground, and the children of Israel—the internality in the world—will plunge deep down.

3.04 Baal HaSulam,

“The Writings of the Last Generation”

I have already conveyed the basics of my views in 1933. I also spoke to the leaders of the generation but at the time, my words were not accepted, though I screamed like a crane and warned about the ruin of the world. Alas, it made no impression.

But now, after the atom and hydrogen bombs, I think the world will believe me that the end of the world is nearing rapidly, and Israel will be the first nation to be burned, as was in the previous war. Thus, today it is good to awaken the world to accept its only remedy so they may live and exist.

3.05 Baal HaSulam,

“The Writings of the Last Generation”

I have already said that there are two ways to discover the completeness: the path of Torah or the path of suffering.

Hence, the Creator has given humanity technology, until they have invented the atom and the hydrogen bombs. If the total ruin that they are destined to bring upon the world is still not evident to the world, they can wait for a third world war, or a fourth one. The bombs will do their thing, and the relics who remain after the ruin will have no other choice but to take upon themselves this work where both individuals and nations will not work for themselves more than is necessary for their sustenance, while everything else they do will be for the good of others. If all the nations of the world agree to it, there will no longer be wars in the world, for no person will be concerned with his own good whatsoever, but only with the good of others.

This law of equivalence of form is the law of the Messiah. It was said about this, “But in the end of days, it shall come to pass, etc., and many nations shall go and say, ‘Come, and let us go up, etc., for out of Zion shall go forth the law, etc., and He shall judge between many nations.’” That is, the Messiah will teach them the work of the Creator in equivalence of form, which is the teaching and the law of the Messiah. “And shall prove to mighty nations,” meaning He will prove to them that if they do not take upon themselves the work of the Creator, all the nations will be destroyed by wars. But if they do accept His law, it is said about it, “And they shall beat their swords into shovels.”

If you take the path of Torah and receive the spice, very well. And if you do not, you will tread the path of suffering, meaning that wars will break out with atom and hydrogen bombs, and all the nations of the world will seek advice how to escape the wars. Then they shall come to the Messiah, to Jerusalem, and He will teach them this law.

 3.06 Baal HaSulam,

“The Shofar of the Messiah”

Who better than I knows that I am not at all worthy of being even a messenger and a scribe for disclosing such secrets, much less to understand them down to their roots. So why has the Creator done so to me? It is only because the generation is worthy of it, as it is the last generation, which stands at the threshold of complete redemption. For this reason, it is worthy of beginning to hear the voice of the Shofar of the Messiah, which is the revealing of the secrets, as has been explained.

3.07 Baal HaSulam,

“Time to Act”

For a long time now, my conscience has burdened me with a demand to come out and create a fundamental composition regarding the essence of Judaism, religion, and the knowledge of the authentic wisdom of Kabbalah, and spread it among the nation, so people will come to know and properly understand these exalted matters in their true meaning.

3.08 Baal HaSulam,

“Introduction to the Book Panim Meirot uMasbirot,” Item 5

Now you will understand what is written in The Zohar: “With this composition, the children of Israel will be redeemed from exile.” Also, in many other places, only through the expansion of the wisdom of Kabbalah in the masses will we obtain complete redemption.

Our sages also said, “The light in it reforms him.” They were intentionally meticulous about it, to show us that only the light enclosed within it, “like apples of gold in settings of silver,” in it lies the Segula [power/cure] that reforms a person. Both the individual and the nation will not complete the aim for which they were created, except by attaining the internality of the Torah and its secrets.

3.09 Baal HaSulam,

“Introduction to the Book Panim Meirot uMasbirot,” Item 5

It is the great expansion of the wisdom of truth within the nation that we need first, so we may merit receiving the benefit from our Messiah. Consequently, the expansion of the wisdom and the coming of our Messiah are interdependent.

Therefore, we must establish seminaries and compose books to hasten the distribution of the wisdom throughout the nation.

3.10 Baal HaSulam,

“Introduction to The Study of the Ten Sefirot,” Item 30

Not only are these secrets not forbidden to disclose, but on the contrary, it is a great Mitzva [com- mandment] to disclose them (as it is written in Pesachim 119).

And one who knows how to disclose and discloses them, his reward is plentiful. This is because by disclosing these lights to many, particularly to the many, depends the coming of the Messiah, soon in our days, Amen.

 3.11 Baal HaSulam,

“Peace in the World”

In our generation, when each person is aided for his happiness by all the countries in the world, it is necessary that to that extent, the individual becomes enslaved to the whole world, like a wheel in a machine.

Therefore, the possibility of making good, happy, and peaceful conducts in one state is incon- ceivable when it is not so in all the countries in the world, and vice versa. In our time, the countries are all linked in the satisfaction of their needs of life, as individuals were in their families in earlier times. Therefore, we can no longer speak or deal with just conducts that guarantee the well-being of one country or one nation, but only with the well-being of the whole world, for the benefit or harm of each and every person in the world depends and is measured by the benefit of all the individuals the world over.

Although this is, in fact, known and felt, still the people in the world have not yet grasped it properly. Why? Because such is the conduct of development in nature: The act comes before the understanding, and only actions will prove and push humanity forward.

3.12 Baal HaSulam,

“The Writings of the Last Generation”

First, there must be a small establishment, whose majority is willing to work as much as it can and receive as much as it needs for religious reasons. It will work as diligently as contract workers, even more than the eight-hour workday. It will contain all the forms of government of a complete state. In a word, the order of that small society will be sufficient for all the nations in the world, without adding or subtracting.

This institution will be like a global focal point for nations and states surrounding it to the farthest corners of the world. All who enter that framework shall assume the same leadership and the same agenda as the institution. Thus, the entire world will be a single nation, in profits, losses, and results.

3.13 Baal HaSulam,

“The Writings of the Last Generation”

Life’s direction is to attain adhesion with Him, strictly to benefit the Creator, or to reward the public with achieving adhesion with Him.

3.14 Baal HaSulam,

“The Writings of the Last Generation”

It is impossible to have a stable democratic society except by means of a society whose majority is good and honest, since society is led by the majority, for better or for worse. Hence, the altruistic communist regime must not be established unless the majority of the public is ready to commit to it for generations. That can only be secured through religion because the nature of religion is that even though it begins coercively, it ends voluntarily.

 3.15 Baal HaSulam,

“The Teaching of the Kabbalah and Its Essence”

I am glad that I have been born in such a generation when it is permitted to disclose the wisdom of truth. And should you ask how I know that it is permitted, I will reply that it is because I have been given permission to disclose. That is, until now, the ways by which it is possible to publicly engage and to fully explain each word have not been revealed to any sage. And I, too, have sworn by my teacher not to disclose, as did all the disciples before me. However, this oath and this prohibition apply only to those manners that are given orally from generation to generation, back to the prophets and before. Had these ways been revealed to the public, they would have caused much harm, for reasons known only to us.

Yet, the way in which I engage in my books is a permitted way. Moreover, I have been instructed by my teacher to expand it as much as I can. We call it “the manner of clothing the matters.” You will see in the writings of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai that he calls this way “giving permission,” and this is what the Creator has given me to the fullest extent. We deem it as dependent not on the greatness of the sage, but on the state of the generation, as our sages said, “Little Samuel was worthy, etc., but his generation was unworthy.” This is why I said that my being rewarded with the manner of disclosing the wisdom is only because of my generation.

3.16 Baal HaSulam,

“The Shofar of the Messiah”

The disclosure of the wisdom of the hidden in great masses; it is a necessary precondition that must be met prior to the complete redemption.

And the books that have already been revealed through me in this wisdom will testify to it, that matters of the greatest importance have been spread out like a gown for all to see. This is a true testimony that we are already at the threshold of redemption, and the voice of the great Shofar has already been heard, though in the distance, for it still sounds very softly.

Indeed, every greatness requires prior smallness, and there is no great voice if it is not preceded by a soft sound. And this is the way of the Shofar: Its voice grows progressively. And who better than I knows that I am not at all worthy of being even a messenger and a scribe for disclosing such secrets, much less to understand them down to their roots. So why has the Creator done so to me? It is only because the generation is worthy of it, as it is the last gener- ation, which stands at the threshold of complete redemption. For this reason, it is worthy of beginning to hear the voice of the Shofar of the Messiah, which is the revealing of the secrets, as has been explained.

3.17 Baal HaSulam,

“The Prophecy of Baal HaSulam”

After all these days, I listened attentively to all the promises and destinies I have been chosen for by the Lord, yet I found in them neither satisfaction nor the words by which to speak to the dwellers of this world and lead them to God’s will, as He had told me. I could not stride among the people, who are vain and slandering the Lord and His creation, while I was satiated and praising, and walking merrily as though mocking those wretched ones.

Matters have touched me to the bottom of my heart, and I resolved that come what may, even if I descend from my sublime degree, I must make a heartfelt prayer to the Lord to grant me attain- ment and knowledge of the prophecy and wisdom, and the words by which to help the forlorn people of the world, to raise them to the same degree of wisdom and pleasantness as mine.

3.18 Baal HaSulam,

“One Commandment”

I say that the first and only Mitzva that guarantees the achievement of the aspiration to attain Lishma is to resolve not to work for oneself, apart for the necessary works—merely to provide for one’s sustenance. In the rest of the time, he will work for the public: to save the oppressed, and every being in the world that needs salvation and benefit.

3.19 Baal HaSulam,

Letter No. 4

You lack nothing but to go out to a field that the Lord has blessed, and collect all those flaccid organs that have drooped from your soul, and join them into a single body.

In that complete body, the Creator will instill His Shechina incessantly, and the fountain of intel- ligence and high streams of light will be as a never ending fountain. Each place on which you cast your eye will be blessed, and all will be blessed because of you, for they will bless you constantly.

3.20 Rav Shneur Zalman of Liadi,

Torah, Light

The great length of this exile is in order to be rewarded with the revelation of the internality of the Torah that will take place in the future. In the giving of the Torah, it was the receiving of the revealed Torah. But the revelation of the internality of the flavors of Torah will be in the future, as was said about it, “I will show him wonders.”

3.21 Rabbi Yaakov Tzemach,

“Introduction to Tree of Life.”

Studying The Zohar at this time is much needed to save and to protect us from all evil, since the disclosure of this wisdom now… in flawed generations, is to be a shield for us to wholeheartedly cling to our Father in Heaven. Previous generations were men of action and pious, and the good deeds saved them from the accusers. Now we are remote from the Upper Root like the yeast in the barrels. Who will protect us if not our study of this wondrous and profound wisdom? Especially, it is as the rav wrote, that the concealed has now become as the revealed.

3.22 Raaiah Kook,

Letters the Raaiah 2, 34

I have agreed to disclose all the secrets of the world, since it is time to do unto the Creator, as it is required at this time. Greater and better than I have suffered slander from the nation for such matters, as their pure spirit pressured them for the sake of correcting the generation, to speak new words and to reveal the concealed, to which the intellect of the masses has not been accustomed.

3.23 Rav Kook,

Letters of the Raaiah

I have agreed to disclose the secrets of the world since the time requires it. Greater and better than me have suffered the libel of the people for such matters, who pressed their pure spirits, for the correction of the generation, to say new things and reveal the concealed, to which the common mind has not been accustomed.

3.24 Raaiah Kook,

Arfiley Tohar

To turn the hearts and engage the minds in noble thoughts whose origin is the secrets of Torah.

3.25 Rav Kook,

Letters of the Raaiah

Have strength my friend to shine the light of the wisdom of the hidden in the world. Now the days are nearing when everyone will recognize and know that the salvation of Israel and the salvation of the whole world depend only on the emergence of the wisdom of Kabbalah in a clear language.

3.26 Rabbi Avraham Ben Mordechai Azulai,

“Introduction to the Book Ohr HaChama,” 81

What has been decreed above, not to engage openly in the wisdom of truth, was only for a time— until the end of the year, 1490. From then on it will be called “the last generation,” the sentence has been lifted, and permission has been given to engage in The Book of Zohar. And from the year, 1540, it is has become praiseworthy to engage in public, great and small. And since it is by virtue of this that the Messiah King will come, and not by another virtue, we must not be negligent.

3.27 Rav Yitzhak HaCohen Kook (the Raaiah),

Otzrot HaRaaiah [Treasures of the Raaiah], 2, 317

Before us is an obligation to expand and establish the engagement in the inner side of the Torah, in all its spiritual issues, which, in its broader sense, includes the broad wisdom of Israel, whose apex is the knowledge of God in truth, according to the depth of the secrets of Torah. These days, it requires elucidation, scrutiny, and explanation, to make it ever clearer and ever more expansive among our entire nation.

3.28 The Rav Kook,

Ikvey HaTzon (Footsteps of the Flock), 54

The great spiritual questions that were previously known only to the greatest and most excellent, must know be known, in various degrees, to all the people. Sublime and lofty words must be brought down from their high fort to the depth of the common, ordinary level. This requires great wealth of spirit and constant practice. Only then will the mind expand and the language be clarified sufficiently to express even the deepest mattes in a light and popular style, to satiate thirsty souls.

3.29 Raaiah Kook,

Orot HaKodesh

The tendency of revealing the secrets of Torah is the ideal goal in life and in reality. The darkness, with which the content of sanctity is covered, causes man’s spirit to grow smaller and to minimize his aspirations. Thus, he is depleted, all of society is depleted by the depletion of the individuals, and the nation becomes impoverished in its spirit by the draining of its children’s spirit.


The Light of the RASHASH, p 159

I know that by merit of The Book of Zohar and the writings of Kabbalah that will spread out in the world, the people of Israel will be freed. Our redemption depends on this learning.

3.31 The Baal Shem Tov,

Keter Shem Tov

I asked the Messiah, “When will you come?” He replied to me, “By this you will know: When your teaching is made known and revealed in the world, and your fountains burst forth—what I had taught you and you have attained—and they, too, can make unifications and ascents like you, then all the Klipot [shells/peels] will vanish, and it will be a time of good will and salvation.

inapoi la EXTRASE DIN SURSE (link)

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