Your Eyes Saw My Unformed Substance

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497) “Your eyes saw my unformed substance, and in Your book they will all be written,” All those souls that have been since the day the world was created stand before the Creator before they come down to the world in the very same form that they will later be seen in the world. In the same appearance as a body of a man who is standing in this world, so he stands above.

498) When the soul is ready to come down to the world, she stands before the Creator in the exact same form that she stands in this world, and the Creator adjures her to keep the Mitzvot [commandments] of the Torah and to not breach the laws of Torah.

499) How do we know that the souls stand before Him? It is written, “As the Lord, before Whom I stood, lives.” This means that he stood before Him before he was created. This is why it is written, “Your eyes saw my unformed substance,” before he appeared in the world. It is written about it, “And in Your book they will all be written,” since all the souls are written in the book in their very form.

It is written, “Days were fashioned, and not one among them.” “Days were fashioned” means that they were made into a garment to wear. “And not one among them” means that there is not a single day among them in this world that can maintain its existence before its Master as it should.

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