Who Gave Jacob for a Spoil?

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265) Since the time of the ruin of the Temple, there are no blessings in the world; they have been halted. It is as though they were arrested from above, from the upper worlds, and from below, from the lower ones. And all those lower degrees intensify, grow, and govern Israel because Israel caused it by their sins. And the absence of blessings in the upper worlds is because the lower ones are unfit to receive from them. And all the abundance that they should bestow upon the lower ones is denied them, since they have no one upon whom to bestow.

266) “Who gave Jacob for a spoil, and Israel to the looters? Was it not the Lord, against whom we have sinned?” Since he said, “Who gave Jacob for a spoil, and Israel,” why does he say, “Against whom we have sinned”? He should have said, “Against whom they have sinned,” in third person and not in first person. And if he says, “Against whom we have sinned,” in first person, why does he return to saying, “They would not,” meaning third person again? He should have said, “They would not,” and not “We would not,” which is in first person.

267) But when the Temple was ruined and the palace was burned, and the people went into exile, Divinity wished to be uprooted from its place and to be exiled with them. Divinity said, “First, I will go and see my house, my palace, and I will visit the places of the priests and the Levites, who were serving in my house.”

268) Then the assembly of Israel, which is Divinity, looked up and saw that her husband, ZA, had parted her and rose up above. She went down and entered the Temple and looked at all the places, and wept. And the voice was heard above in heaven, and the voice was heard below on earth. This is the meaning of the words, “A voice is heard in Ramah, lamentation, and bitter weeping, Rachel weeping for her children.”

269) And since she went into exile, she looked at the people and saw how they were pushed and trampled under the legs of the rest of the nations in the exile. Then she said, “Who gave Jacob for a spoil?” And Israel replied “Was it not the Lord, against whom we have sinned?” This settles why it writes in first person. And Divinity said, “In whose ways they would not walk, and whose law they did not obey.”

270) And when the Creator visits His nation to deliver them from exile, the assembly of Israel, Divinity, will return from the exile first, and will go to the Temple, since first, the Temple will be built for the gathering of the exiles, where there is the presence of Divinity. This is why Divinity comes out of exile first. And the Creator will tell her, “Rise up from the dust.” And Divinity will reply, “Where will I go? My house is ruined, my palace burned by fire.” And the Creator will build the Temple from the start. He will erect the palace and will build the city of Jerusalem, and then He will raise Divinity from the dust.

It is written, “The Lord builds Jerusalem.” First, He builds Jerusalem; and then, “He gathers the dispersed of Israel.” And He will tell her, “Shake yourself from the dust, rise up and sit, O Jerusalem.” And then He will gather the exiles of Israel. And as was written in the beginning, “The Lord builds Jerusalem,” and then, “He gathers the dispersed of Israel.” And then “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” This is the revival of the dead. And it is written, “And I will put My spirit within you, and cause you to walk in My statutes.”

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / Chayei Sarah – click)

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