Behold, the Hand of the Lord

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190) In Egypt, the Creator killed all the cattle and flock. There were three deaths in the beasts: plague, the ones that died by the hail, and the firstborn among the cattle that died in the plague of the death of the firstborn.

191) And what was their death? It was written from the beginning, “Behold, the hand of the Lord is upon your cattle which are in the field.” Why does it not say, “The hand of the Lord” in all the plagues? Here it is a hand with five fingers. In the beginning, with the plague of lice, it was written, “This is the finger of God.” And here it is all five fingers, where each finger kills a single species, and there were five species, as it was written, “Upon the horses, upon the asses, upon the camels, upon the herds, and upon the flocks,” thus five kinds for five fingers, called “hand.” This is the reason why “The hand of the Lord is upon your cattle which are in the field,” a severe plague. They were dying of their own, meaning they were found dead.

192) After the Egyptians did not repent, these very letters of the plague returned and killed all those who were left. Thus, the letters of plague [Dever] returned and were hail [Barad], except that the plague is with calm and the hail is with fierceness and anger. And those two were in a single place, in five fingers.

193) In plague it is letters that are at ease, dying at ease, meaning they were dying of their own. Hail means that the letters returned to being in fierce anger and killed everything.

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