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BO (Domnul a zis)

  • If There Is an Angel as Mediator for Him – (text) ENG
  • There Was a Day When… Satan Also Came among Them – (text) ENG
  • The Sea Monsters – (text) ENG
  • And Pass Over the Lintel and the Two Mezuzahs [Doorposts] – (text) ENG
  • And It Came to Pass at Midnight – (text) ENG
  • All Things Have I Seen – (text) ENG
  • And He Smelled the Smell of His Garments – (text) ENG
  • A Lamb for a Household – (text) ENG
  • Sourdough and Leaven – (text) ENG
  • Matzot [unleavened bread] of Din – (text) ENG
  • Praising the Exodus from Egypt – (text) ENG
  • The Passover Sacrifice – (text) ENG
  • Sanctify to Me Every Firstborn – (text) ENG
  • For He Will Give His Angels Charge over You – (text) ENG
  • For You Saw No Manner of Image – (text) ENG
  • Every Firstborn of an Ass You Shall Redeem With a Lamb – (text) ENG
  • The Tefillin [Phylacteries] – (text) ENG

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