Mem-Tet and Mot [rod/pole]

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385) Without a Vav in the middle, it is Mat [wavering/teetering], as it is written, “A righteous wavers before the wicked.” And who subtracted it? It is one, meaning one of fifty. This is so because you were given fifty gates minus one, as we learn that Moses was given fifty gates of Bina but one. This is the one that is missing from the fifty, leaving Mat [MemTet, 49 in Gematria]. And this caused you that “A righteous wavers before the wicked,” and the wicked is SAM.

386) This is MemTet from your rod, as it is written, “with God’s staff in my hand.” Your staff is Moses’ rod, and this is why AlephBina, returns to you, as we learn, Aleph Bina. She returns to you in repentance, will enter between the Vav and the Vav, and will become VavAlephVav [Vav], to keep the words for Israel within you, “And with great compassion I will gather you.” Henceforth, “He will never allow the righteous to be shaken” will be kept in you.

387) At that time, two Mitzvot will be in you: “You shall surely raise with him,” and “You shall surely leave it with him.” “Raise” with an upper Vav is the first Messiah, Messiah Son of David. “Raise” with the second Vav is the second Messiah, Messiah Son of Joseph. “With him” is Son of Amram, the ascent to BinaAleph, between the two Vavs, and they are Vav with this filling: Vav.

388) To whom is “Surely raise”? It is to the letter HeyMalchut, which fell in the fifth millennium after 72 years, as the number of “Will surely leave it with him.” “Leave” is the letters AyinBet ZayinVavAyinBet is AB names “And journeyed,” “And came,” “And pitched.” This is the acronym of “this is Vav.” Vav is from YodHeyVavZA. There he helped and did not keep her. “There” is in the five thousand and seventy two years. “Helped” means helping that fallen Hey, and “Did not keep her” means that it is still not the time of resurrection and redemption.

This is the meaning of “You shall surely leave,” only help. There is where the verse, “In its season, the first and last rain, and you will gather your grain and your wine and your oil”—which are Israel—applies. That is, through the corrections of first rain and last rain in their time, Israel are gathered from the exile. “Grain” means Israel. “Wine” are the Levites, and “Oil” are the priests. So are the corrections of the gathering of forgetting and of corners, “You shall leave them for the poor and for the foreigner.” And here we learn a third Mitzva, the gathering of what was forgotten and the corners.

389) We should repeat them, keep them, since on the part of the righteous, Yesod, he is the poor. “You shall surely leave” is Yesod Tzadik. “With him” is the son of Amram. This is the meaning of, “You shall leave them for the poor and for the foreigner,” and you are the foreigner, a poor nation, as was written of you in the beginning, “I was a foreigner in a foreign land.”

390) But the rising, the redemption, is in your degree. “Raise” is the bottom Vav, the filling of the VavYesod. “Raise with him” means with the son of Amram, in your highest degree, Tifferet, in your name MAHaVaYaH with the filling of Alephs, which is MA in Gematria, the complete, explicit name. After the KofKof of “Shall surely rise,” the TavYodMem remain. This points to Jacob, a whole man, Tifferet. “With him” means he will rise with the son of Amram. “Raise” means TzadikYesod. “Raise” is whole, Tifferet.

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