Setting Aside Cities of Refuge

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377) It is a Mitzva [commandment] to set aside cities of refuge for those who have killed because that Egyptian, which you killed in Egypt—in whom there was the primordial serpent, and all his camps, which were surrounding him—you killed him prematurely, and not for fear of his pursuers. In your youth, several women, who are the Klipot, pursued you in several places, and the Creator gave you cities of refuge to be saved from them, being the gates of repentance.

378) It is so because you are the son of YodHey, since Moses was at the degree of the letter VavZA, the son of AVIHBKoh [YodHey]. Once you repented in the bottom Hey of HaVaYaH, you rose to Bina and were rewarded there with YodHeyVav, which is the tree of life, since Bina is called “the living God,” and ZA who ascends to Bina is called “the tree of life.” Thanks to her, you are rewarded with the letter bottom HeyMalchut, since you have admitted yourself into repentance after her, to return her to your Master and to elevate her from the exile and not receive reward for it.

379) The Creator placed His name in you. And because your thought was to the Cause of Causes, Keter, He placed His thought in you, meaning Hochma YodHeVavHeHaVaYaH, which is MA in Gematria (45). This is so because Hochma has the letters ChafHet [Koah, force] MemHey [MA, meaning the power of MA], where through the name MA, the middle line in the Mochin, the Hochma appeared. And the Cause of Causes unites these letters in you to recognize and to know Him in those letters.

380) Once he was included in the Thought, GAR, he continues to explain how he received the rest of the six Sefirot, since you were doing Hesed [grace/mercy] with Divinity, for because all your Mitzvot are to keep a Hassid who is being Hassid-like with his Maker, He has given you the quality of Hesed. And you kept the negative Mitzvot [commandments to refrain from certain actions], and had to overcome your inclination and tie it under your hand, but you did not try in this Mitzva, except to tie SAM under the hands of the Creator, and to tie the mate of SAM, the wicked maidservant, under the hand of her mistress, Malchut, they and all the appointees, and all their camps. For this reason the Creator has given you His quality of Gevura [might] to be your aide, so that SAM and his mate, and all their appointees and camps would shiver and fear you, and would be chained under your hand.

381) And because you repented with a token of a covenant, YesodBina—the letters YodHeyVav—came down to bond with the TzadikYesod, for you. This is why the Creator gave you His covenant of righteous, Yesod. Also, because you did everything with a good thought, accordingly, the explicit Name will come down upon you and will descend on you from a thought, GAR.

382) And because you try each day in prayer with both your lips to praise your Master in “My Lord, open my lips,” in both your lips, in Prophets and in Hagiographa, and in every kind of song and tune in the prayer, the Creator brings them down in both your lips, which are NH. It is even more so with your degree, the middle pillar, Tifferet, in which you delved all your days in truth. The Creator gave it to you to raise you in it in a true Torah, which consists of all the qualities and letters, HGT NHY, in the explicit name, HaVaYaH, which is GAR.

383) It is so because before you repented, you were only in the tree of good and evil. Your name was “a servant” and “a lad,” and a lad cries. A loyal servant is as it is written, “Not so is My servant Moses; he is faithful in all My household.” And that wicked one, the partner of the servant, caused you to sin with the rock because the scepter that was given to you was from the tree of good and evil, from Matat and SAM, where Matat is good and SAM is bad.

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