Returning a Loss

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372) The subsequent Mitzva [commandment] is to return a loss, and following that, return the stolen. Rabbi Shimon said to Moses, “The Creator will return the loss that you lost due to the mixed multitude, and it is your bride, Malchut,” since Moses is the queen’s husband. “It is so because when the mixed multitude made the calf, your bride has fallen,” as it is written, “And he cast the tables from his hands,” implying to Malchut.

373) It is written about you, “Go, come down,” implying to your descent in the fourth exile. “Go” is like, “Go forth from your country” into exile. There is a Shin in the name Moshe [Moses], in which there are three lines []. Here, in the three lines of the Shin, it implies to you “Go” three times in the exile. And in the fourth exile, “Come down” for your only daughter, Malchut, your bride, who has fallen.

It is written about the fourth exile, “She has fallen; she will rise no more.” And as soon as you will come down for her she will rise with you. This is because she will rise no more by herself, but through her husband, Moses. This is the returning of your loss.

374) There is a reason why the Torah was revealed to you more than to the whole of Israel, and why she rose to you as the waters of the well that rose to you and not to the patriarchs or to any man at all. It is because the well, Malchut, knows her master. And it is written about this law, “From there is her well, the well where the Lord said to Moses, ‘Assemble the people, that I may give them water.’” The well is full but her waters do not flow out. It is a well of the water of the Torah, for the Torah is called “water,” which elicited all the water, the whole Torah, and all the water in the world enter her and her waters do not come out, but are rather gathered within her.

375) It is a well from which even if all the people of the world drew water, and even all the clouds in the world, they will not cause it to lack even as a hair’s breadth, as this well is endless, deeper than the Torah, as it is written, “Wider than the sea.” One who draws water with the jar, the 24 holy books, swallows all the wisdoms in the world, and especially the well itself.

376) The Creator is destined to return to you what has been stolen from you: the rod, of which it is written, “[He] snatched the spear from the Egyptian’s hand.” It writes “Egyptian” about you, in your exile, and in your incarnation, for in each generation there is expansion of Moses, who will set aside cities of refuge to save you from your several pursuers, who never end.

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