The Whole of the Soul Shall Praise the Lord

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885) “The whole of the soul shall praise the Lord.” All the souls come from the holy body, Malchut—which is a body for ZA—and dwell in people. From which place is it? From which Behina [discernment]? From a place called “hand,” Malchut. What is this place? It is written, “How manifold are Your works, O Lord! In wisdom have You made them all,” meaning of wisdom—whose springs go out to thirty-two paths—everything is completed. Of all that there is above and below, only the Malchut reveals this wisdom, and not on any other degree. She is called “the holy spirit,” and all the spirits are completed in her.

886) On the day when Rabbi Shimon interpreted that matter, his eyes were shedding water. He was saying, “All the treasures of the high King were given in a single key—Yesod.” It appears through the treasurer of forms, YesodMalchut’s husband, who is called “the treasurer of forms,” “the high engravings.” They are the high ones that are hidden, which are revealed through Yesod in the Malchut, the place of revealing.

887) Who can be included and attain what is hidden in this spring in Yesod? After all Moses did not reveal it in his days, when he revealed the profound secrets to Israel, the 50th gate, although everything was revealed by him. But at that time, when the Creator wished to elevate him to the upper, holy seminary and conceal him from people, as it is written, “I am a hundred and twenty years old today.” “Today” means the day of his passing. On that day his days were completed to approach the 50th gate, as it is written, “Behold, your days are near,” actually near, approaching the 50th gate.

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