The Six Combinations of Yod-Hey-Vav

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281) At that time, those animals and foundations are whole. They are called “holy” for there are no impure ones among them. The whole ones are the bottom Hey of HaVaYaHMalchut, the wholeness of the middle pillar, ZA, in all the HaVaYot [plural of HaVaYaH] included in ZA to all of its six edges, HGT NHY. This is so because ZA himself is YodHeyVav de HaVaYaH, in which there are six combinations, and the bottom Hey complements him in every combination.

282) The meaning of it as it is written in The Book of Creation, “Sealed the high and turned upwards,” in YodHeyVav to the right side, Hesed. This is the first combination. HeyVavYod to the left side, Gevura, is the second combination. VavHeyYod in the middle pillar, Tifferet, is the third combination. YodVavHey in Netzah is the fourth combination. HeyYodVav in Hod is the fifth combination, and VavYodHey in Yesod is the sixth combination.

The tree that holds all of them is Tifferet, since Tifferet contains the whole VAK [six edges], and it is a fruit-bearing tree. For this reason, the place where the tree falls will be YodHeyVav, implying that Tifferet is called by only three letters, YodHeyVav, and the bottom Hey is Malchut, which joins him. Hence, his VAK are discerned in six combinations of YodHeyVav. Also, in each HaVaYaH of the VAK there is a complete bottom Hey for HaVaYaH, meaning that the bottom Hey completes into HaVaYaH, and all the HaVaYot in VAK that cling to her. Thus, the YodHeyVav with the Hey is YodHey VavHey. Hey-VavYod with Hey is HaVaYaHVavHeyYod with Hey is VaHaYaH, and similarly with the rest of the HaVaYot.

283) These six combinations of YodHeyVav are eighteen letters of the six edges, HGT NHY, included in the “Righteous one who lives forever,” meaning Yesod de ZA. And with the HeyMalchut, she becomes Haya. This is the Hey such as Noah’s ark, Malchut, in which every single king had gathered two-two, seven-seven for the offering. Two and two are four; seven and seven are fourteen, and together they are eighteen. The ark itself has the Hey, since it is the Malchut, and this completes the word Haya [Hey plus Het and Yod, which are eighteen in Gematria].

284) And TzadikYesod, comprises six degrees, six edges. For this reason, they have set up bettering the dream in three peaces, three verses in which peace is mentioned, and three redemptions in three verses in which redemption is mentioned. The Yesod is Vav, and together they amount to six, corresponding to the six degrees of Yesod, since the bettering of the dream is through Yesod. This is the ladder in Jacob’s dream, which consists of six Sefirot. It is placed on the ground, meaning the lower Divinity, Malchut, called “earth,” and this is the bottom Hey. Its top is the Yod, in which there is the TzadikYesod, the seventh one, since Yod is Hochma in Ima, and when beginning the count from BinaImaYesod is the seventh. It reaches the heavens, meaning upper Ima, first HeyBina in Bina, where from the side of the dream, left, the Hey rules over the Yod, the top of the ladder, which is the Yod from Elokim. This is why, “The angels of God ascending and descending,” and not “The angels of HaVaYaH [the Lord].”

285) In order, the letters are YodHey VavHey. They rise in the point of HolamKeter, on the four letters whose expansion is from Hochma to the holy Malchut, since Hochma is YodBina is Hey, the six Sefirot HGT NHY are Vav, and Malchut is the bottom HeyHolam is the Keter above all the letters.

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