And in the Desert Where You Saw

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82) “And in the desert where you saw, how the Lord your God carried you as a man carries his son.” What is, “You saw”? The Creator spoke loudly to Israel in the desert, as it is written, “The great and terrible desert with its fiery serpents and scorpions.” And in the desert, the strongest of all the deserts in the world, He led Israel there.

83) At the time when Israel came out of Egypt and were completed into 600,000, the holy Malchut was strengthened and rose above everything, and the moon, meaning Malchut, illuminated. Then the evil Malchut of Sitra Achra surrendered and the Creator brought Israel out to walk in the strong desert, in the place and governance of evil SAM, who was actually his, to break his authority and strength, and to cut its head and subdue it so it would not rule. And if Israel had not sinned, the Creator would have wished to remove him from the world. Hence, He moved Israel through his actual lot and fate, and domain.

84) Since they sinned several times, the serpent bit them, and then, “He shall bruise you on the head,” came true, meaning that Israel struck its head first. However, they did not know how to beware of it and the serpent struck last, and all fell in the desert, and the words, “And you shall bruise him on the heel,” came true. Forty years they were struck by it, corresponding to forty strikes of the courthouse.

85) This is why it is written, “Where you saw,” since they saw with their eyes the owner of the desert walking chained before them, and they took his lot and his fate. It is written, “Then the chiefs of Edom were frightened,” which are the fiery serpent and the scorpion,” and we, too, separated from the settled place to the strong desert, to engage in Torah there, to subdue that side.

86) Moreover, words of Torah settle in only there, since there is no light except for that which comes out of that darkness. This is so because when that side surrenders, the Creator rises above and His glory grows. Also, the work of the Creator is only out of darkness, and there is no good except from within the bad. And when one enters a bad way and leaves it, the Creator rises in his glory. Hence, the perfection of everything is good and bad together, and to later depart to the good. And there is no good except for that which comes out of the bad. And in that good, the glory of the Creator increases, and this is complete work.

87) Thus far, we have been sitting there all the days of the year, to surrender that side in the desert. Now that the time of the holy work of the holy side has come, we are returning to the settled place where there is the work of the Creator. Moreover, now in the beginning of the year, it is the time for that serpent to ask for Din from the Creator. And there in the desert he rules, which is why we parted there and came to the settled place.

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