Lift Up Your Eyes Above

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213) “Lift up your eyes above and see who created these.” Can one—because he raises his eyes and looks up—know and observe what he has not been given permission to know and to see?

214) Rather, “Lift up your eyes above” means that those who wish to observe and to know the works of the Creator should raise their eyes above and see several hosts, camps, and strange great deeds. Then you will see and ask, and say, “Who created these? Who [MI], Bina, created these, since Bina is a place that is above, hidden, concealed, and unknown. It is always under question because that place has not been revealed.

215) “The one who leads forth their host by number, He calls them all by name.” “The one who leads forth,” since the hidden and concealed place, Bina, brought everything out in regard to the voice that comes out of the Shofar [horn], which is ZA, who is called “a voice.” It comes out of Bina, who is called “a Shofar.” The voice, ZA in illumination of Hochma, is the number of all the hosts above, and the calculation of everything. A number and a calculation is Mochin of illumination of Hochma. However, they do not appear in the place of ZA, but from there is the upper faith, Malchut, on all the upper sides—Hassadim from the right and Hochma from the left—in which is the place of disclosure of Hochma until the degrees extend from ZA, extending down to Malchut. Also, several armies part to their kinds, and all are calculated and are called by name.

“Because of the greatness of His might and the strength of His power, not one of them is missing.” Because of the greatness of His might” is the right. “And the strength of His power” is the left. “Not one of them is missing,” from the sides that extend from the two lines. Nothing is missing because these two sides include the whole of reality, and nothing new is added to them even in the middle line because it only includes all that there is in the two lines, right and left.

216) “Lift up your eyes above and see who created these.” When the tabernacle was established and was set up, anyone who saw the tabernacle looked in it in what was above and what was below, and saw everything in the tabernacle. Because all the works of the upper world and the lower world were established in the tabernacle, anyone who saw the hooks in the tabernacle and looked at them would see in their illumination, the illumination of the stars, for this is how the stars are in the firmament.

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