Praise the Lord from the Heavens

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217) “Halleluiah. Praise the Lord from the heavens.” David said this praise opposite HaVaYaHZA, the whole of the praise of everything. Two praises are as the high and holy name, HaVaYaH, the whole of the praises of everything. They are, “Praise the Lord from the heavens,” and the last praise in the book, Psalms, which is the whole of the praises of all of them, as it is written, “Halleluiah. Praise God in His sanctuary.” However, this is on ten kinds, as “Praise” is written in it ten times, corresponding to the ten Sefirot of ZA. “Praise the Lord from the heavens” is on seven, as “Praise” is written in it seven times, corresponding to the seven Sefirot HGT NHYM de ZA. It is all one in the holy name.

218) “Halleluiah. Praise the Lord from the heavens” is the beginning of VAKHGT NHY, to expand below, which is ZA, who is under question, for attainment, as it is written, “Indeed, ask now about the former days, which were before you,” the seven days HGT NHYM de ZA. Thus far there is permission to ask. It is also written, “Since the day that God created man on the earth, and from the end of the heavens to the end of the heavens,” which is Hesed de ZA. Henceforth, KHB de ZA is not under question because it is a hidden and concealed place.

219) This is why it is written, “Praise the Lord from the heavens, praise Him in the heights.” These are two sides, right and left, HG de ZA. From here the rest of the Sefirot expand downward in the degree, to be properly corrected. “Praise Him, all His angels” are the two pillars, NH, which stand under the GufTifferet, for it to lean on them.

220) These pillars are standing in relation to the angels, of whom it is written, “Praise Him, all His angels,” as they are messengers of the Guf, going by the emissary of their Master from place to place.

221) “Praise Him, all His hosts” is the place from which all the upper holy hosts come out, the token of the holy covenant, Yesod de ZA. It is inscribed in all the tens of thousands that come forth from Him, as it is written, “The Lord of Hosts is His name,” since it is a token in all the other hosts and tens of thousands.

222) “Praise Him, sun and moon.” All the Sefirot of ZA are in the sun because the sun is Tifferet de ZA, the essence of ZA, and the rest of the Sefirot are only in the form of inclusion in Tifferet. The sun is to shine. There are the illuminating upper stars and signs in it. Afterwards, it returns upward to Bina, where all are pinned, as all the Mochin of ZAMalchut, and BYA come out from there. It says about her, “Praise Him, heavens of heavens,” since the heavens is ZA, and the heavens of heavens is Bina. “Praise the Lord from the earth,” Malchut de ZA, who corresponds to those, for afterwards it is written, “fire and hail, snow and steam, stormy wind, fulfilling His word.”

223) These are stars below, standing in an extension that they were extended from the upper one in ZA, for everything stands in the upper form. For this reason, all those stars and signs from the height of the firmament, ZA, are to lead the world below it. From there, the degrees spread until the degrees stand in the stars below in this world. Also, all of them are not on their own authority, but in the authority of the upper one. It is written about it, “Let now the astrologers … stand up, and save you.” It is all by permission from above.

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