Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama

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430) There is one who is rewarded with Neshama and there is one who is rewarded with the awakening of Ruach. And there is one who was rewarded only with Nefesh and does not rise higher to be rewarded with Ruach and Neshama. Thus, he clings to the impure side. When he sleeps, those evil sides come and cling to him and alert him in a dream of things in the world. Some of them are false and some are true. Sometimes, he is mocked and shown false things and is pained in his dream. Hence, some of the idol worshipping nations of the world see true things in their dreams, due to the side to which they cling, which alerts them, and they are all things that will come in the near future.

431) There are three degrees in those evil kinds. The top degree are those who hang in the air. They hear what is sentenced above but they do not come to this world. The middle degree—between the top and bottom—hear things from the top ones, who hang in the air, and alert man in a dream. Some of them are false and some are true. The true things are what will happen in the near future.

The bottom degree are those that mock people and pain them in their dreams because they are all as insolent as dogs.

432) And that degree, of those who hang in the air—the higher ones—one who was rewarded only with Nefesh, and that Nefesh wishes to be corrected and receive Ruach, before he is rewarded with Ruach, at night before sleep, out comes what comes out of that Nefesh and spreads in the world. In other words, it is not the whole Nefesh that exits the man when he sleeps, but a part of it, since a Kista de Hayuta [Reshimo [recollection] of life] remains of it, which wishes and does not wish to rise up among the angels, until she meets the Klipot in the air, who notify of things that will come in the near future and that will come in the longer future. On that degree, of those who hang in the air, he connects further and further in his dream until he acquires a Ruach.

433) When he has acquired Ruach, that Ruach comes out and breaks mountains and rocks, which are the external forces, and rises, spreads, and enters among the high and holy angels. This is because the Ruach extends from the world of Yetzira, where the angels are. There, he knows what he knows and learns things from them and returns to his place. At that time, this is man’s connection to holiness until he is rewarded with Neshama and acquires it.

434) When he acquires a Neshama, she rises to the world of Beria, from which the Neshama extends, and the guards at the gates do not detain her. She spreads and rises further up among those righteous who are bundled in the bundle of life, Malchut de Atzilut, where she sees the pleasure of the King and enjoys the upper brightness.

435) When the holy doe [deer] awakens, meaning Malchut, in the Northern wind at midnight, she comes down and that righteous who has acquired a Neshama rises and gains strength in the Torah like a mighty lion, until the morning rises. Then he walks with that holy doe to be seen before the King and to receive from him a single thread of grace, the thread of Abraham, the light of Hesed.

436) And when that righteous comes with the doe, Malchut, he is crowned with her before the king and David says, “For the Leader upon the morning doe,” meaning the assembly of Israel, Malchut. The morning doe is the psalm of the assembly of Israel, who says in exile, “My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?”

437) Happy are those with Neshama, men of Torah, men of the work of the holy King. Woe unto those wicked ones who were not rewarded with clinging to their master and were not rewarded with the Torah. Anyone who was not rewarded with the Torah is rewarded with neither Ruach nor Neshama. He adheres to the side of the evil kinds and has no share in the holy King; he has no share in holiness. Woe unto him when he leaves this world because it is known that he is among the evil kinds, with insolence as harsh as a dog’s, messengers of the fire of hell who will not pity him.

438) What is the difference between Israel and the idol worshipping nations? Even if a man from Israel is rewarded only with Nefesh, a high degree stands above him, since if he wishes to acquire Ruach and if he wishes to acquire Neshama, he acquires it and is rewarded with it. But idol worshipping nations never acquire more than their impure Nefesh, unless they are circumcised, and then they acquire Nefesh from holiness.

439) If Israel who stands at the bottom degree—Nefesh—do not wish to be rewarded with more, he is punished severely. Woe unto that wicked one who forgets the commandments of the Torah, who does not engage in Torah, and who forgets his master. It is written about him, “Let sinners cease out of the earth.”

440) There are people who cling to the side of impurity because they were not rewarded with more than Nefesh. And when the spirit of impurity passes over them, it stays on them and they cling to it. Then, that sin which a man from that spirit of impurity sins, its offering is a goat, a beast that comes from that side, to atone for his sin.

441) It is written, “His corpse shall not hang all night on the tree … and you will not defile your land.” This is so because the land is holiness, and the spirit of impurity will not find a place to be in the land of holiness. Hence, since the spirit of impurity is in the goat and comes from her side, why is she offered to a holy side?

442) It is written, “For the Lord your God is a devouring fire.” There is fire that eats fire. The fire of the Creator eats the fire of the Sitra Achra. There are angels who sing before the Creator and when they conclude the singing they are cancelled with a spark of devouring fire that burns them.

Below, the Creator has prepared the fire of the altar, the fire of Malchut, from her Dinim. This fire eats and consumes the whole of the impure side and that side is cancelled in that flame of fire, and nothing remains of it in the world. A man who offers his sacrifice stands over it and with that scent which rises up from the offering, the side of the spirit of impurity that is on him is removed from him and he is pardoned. For this reason, everything is cancelled and consumed, and there is no one who can stand before the fire of the altar.

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