And God Created the Great Sea Monsters

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76) “And God created the great sea-monsters.” Any place of judgment is called Elokim [God]. And that high place, Bina, the place from which the judgments emerge, he calls it Elokim. And even though Bina is mercy, judgments emerge from her and depend on her. This is why she is called Elokim.

77) The great sea monsters are the patriarchs, HGT, which are first watered by Bina, and then send roots to bestow upon all. “…and every living creature that moves.” Every living creature is Nefesh of Adam ha Rishon, which the upper land, Malchut, educed from the upper Haya, which is Bina.

It is written, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures,” which is Nefesh of Adam ha Rishon, who pulled into him. “…that moves” is HayaBina. “…swarmed” means bestowing in all the mountains, which are HGT—above and below—to ZA and Malchut.

And the words, “And the earth brought forth…” is MalchutNefesh of Adam ha Rishon, from the “living creature that moves,” which is Bina. “…with which the waters swarmed” are the Hassadim [mercy] of the upper river, Bina, which stretches out of Eden, Hochma, and waters the tree, ZA, so it may strike its roots over everything, and will contain food for all.

78) Another meaning: the creature that moves is Malchut, King David, of whom it is written, “I shall not die but live.” “…and every winged bird after its kind” are the holy angels that are there to sanctify the name of their Master every single day. It is written about them, “six wings, six wings for the one.” And some fly around the world to do their Masters’ will, as His heralds, each as it should.

79) Certainly, the “living creature that moves” is the highest HayaBina, since the text calls the other one—Malchut—“land,” as it is written, “and let birds multiply on the earth,” in Malchut, and not in water, which are Bina’s Hassadim. The river, Bina, stretches out and waters without separation down to that place called “earth,” Malchut. And from there down, it is written, “and from there it parted,” which are the worlds of separation. And the fowl are the angels from the world of separation. The fowl depend on the earth, Malchut, and are watered by it, as it is written, “and let birds multiply on the earth.”

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